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Posted by BoOzak

Anyone else get a God of War 3 vibe from this trailer? I dunno.. the music and the way the camera panned out like that made me reminisce about the Titan fights alittle ;p

Other than that all this trailer does is remind me how glad I am to be rid of WoW, too much time devoted to so little payoff..

Posted by Jonnyflash80

Oh Jeeze... you fight on Deathwing's back? Must... resist... logging back in. There are too many other games to play right now.

Posted by SpikeSpiegel88

Tried the new heroics last night, Pretty easy to tank trough em and some nice story refrences there for WC players. As a casual games, I like what they have done with things, and after farming some HCs ill finally be able to check out firelands. (My guild only brings the "best" players.. Which is basicly the founders..)

Posted by ZenaxPure
@Jonnyflash80 said:

Oh Jeeze... you fight on Deathwing's back? Must... resist... logging back in. There are too many other games to play right now.

It's pretty amazing, not gonna lie. Doing barrel rolls and literally ripping parts off his back, it was an enjoyable fight.
Posted by BisonHero

@ProjektGill said:

Wow, I am not at all up on my Warcraft Fiction. I could have sworn the Blue Aspect was dead and wasn't the Green Aspect in some eternal dreamworld thing? I haven't played WoW but this is what I remember from Warcraft 3 and some extended fiction. It does look like you'll go back to the Pre-Warcraft 1 time to retrieve something.

I have also never played WoW, but I assume that everything I knew from Warcraft 1-3 is now wildly outdated or has been poorly retconned away. The fiction has moved forward considerably.

Posted by Aarny91

I doubt I'll resub for this.

Posted by Xymox


Posted by SatelliteOfLove
@Dark_Lord_Spam said:
How is it a thing that this expansion came out a fucking year ago and you STILL aren't able to fight the bad dude that they put in every single dramatic CG advertisement?
Are you still hungry for your favorite food after eating it? Would you still be if you ate it every meal?
Posted by sate2801

so after this will it be all love&peace-ish in Pandaria?

Posted by RedRoach

@Dark_Lord_Spam: You know, major bad guys usually die at the end of a game. you don't fight the joker at the start of Arkham Asylum. You don't fight lazaravich at the start of Uncharted 2, see what I'm getting at?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette
@Jason_Bourne: Unless I'm severely mistaken, neither the Joker nor Lazarovich were patched into their respective games a year after those games shipped. Good thing, too. Holding the final boss from people who bought a "content-complete" product would be INSANE.
Posted by MeatSim

Your a little late to the dragon party.

Posted by RedRoach

@Dark_Lord_Spam: Yeah but WoW is an MMO. It would really suck if I got to level 85 and killed deathwing, then I had nothing to build up to for the next two years when the next patch comes out. In a game, you build up to the ending, that's exactly what's happening, just over much more time than a game like UC2. Deathwing is the main bad guy in the Cataclysm Expansion, we spent the last year building up to him, and now we get to kill him. It's not like players have had a lack of content either. When the game came out there were 3 raids, then they patched it a few months later with more. Now there is this patch that adds this raid. It's the standard model for almost every MMO out there. Sure, Deathwing was patched in later, but that's just how MMO's work, and it's not like we had to pay for another expansion to kill him. When we buy Cataclysm, we still get all of Cataclysm, it just takes time to build all of this content. This may all sound crazy but it makes complete sense if you play.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette
@Jason_Bourne: Guess I'll just have to take your word for it. Seems like an unpleasant situation for the players to me.