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@Philosoma said:

Alex is so awkward - notice his posture? Is something wrong with him, does he hate these guys or something? Great job.

Nonsense. Alex has said that he's not really comfortable being on camera sometimes. And would you look comfortable leaning against a railing like that?

And Jeff, take your lanyard off, dude.

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These recaps are really well done. Kudos to whomever is slicing them together!

Posted by buzz_clik

Vinny with the mic technique, yo!

Posted by Spiritof

Last year, during these recaps, I can remember being able to see the street signs behind the GB dudes and thinking, "I don't know how comfortable I'd be broadcasting my current address across the internets". This year I can clearing see a phone number in the background to call if I'd like to rent the house the GB crew is staying at. Not that I would ever do anything nefarious or creepy with this info, but I just know there are goofy people out there who would.

Also, Jeff wins this year's "Best Kicks of Show" award.

Posted by Xpgamer7

It's been a long road.

Posted by Gerhabio

Call of Dudes, heh

Posted by coakroach


Posted by CitizenJP

Twas a great E3 indeed!

Posted by Claude

It's great seeing all these guys together. My internet years have grown up with them as much as they have grown with each other.

Posted by thenexus

2010 : "And that was E3"
2011: "Transfaring"

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@blacklab said:

It's impossible to overstate how freeing it is when you finally just say fuck this hair shit and buzz it.

Yeah it's great.  I had shoulder length hair at the time I snapped and sheared it.  So satisfying.  You realize wind on your head feels almost erotic.  
Also, Vinny, buy a racing wheel.  You know you want to.  It will enrich your life in so many ways.  :)
Posted by Capt_Ventris

I like the name Wii U

Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam

I don't think Vinny exists outside of the camera.

Posted by xxNBxx

Vinny, don't buy a steering wheel.  Just don't do it.  lol

Posted by ShadowConqueror

University of Phoenix BURN!
Posted by Springfart

Wild Vinny appears!

Posted by DaveMoshi

You guys are the only ones who have had daily podcasts up on itunes this E3, so fuck the rest. GiantBomb won me over this past week and this is where I'm gonna go for my coverage. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

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@DaveMoshi said:
You guys are the only ones who have had daily podcasts up on itunes this E3, so fuck the rest. GiantBomb won me over this past week and this is where I'm gonna go for my coverage. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
Um what? Do you just mean of more mainstream sites? I've seen a few sites that have also done daily podcasts but they're not as popular so if thats what you mean I get it but they're not the only ones. 
Hairless Vinny upsets me. I'm not too surprised since everyone got haircuts for the event but I need my italian stallion.
Posted by Aarny91

I love this site.

Posted by buft

another day another great recap

Posted by Crushed
@Scrumdidlyumptious said:

@ryanwho said:

I think its pretty funny to hear them go "myah it looks like first run 360 games" only to find out those clips were taken from the 360/PS3 versions. Insert foot, huh. Do they still look like transition games now that its actually from your pet console?

But those games did look like first run 360 games and still do.

Yeah, the PC/360 versions of DIRT, Metro Last Light, Ninja Gaiden 3, Arkham City, and Aliens look like first run 360 games. Uh huh.
Posted by Arthurd

Vinny uses a lot of eye liner. Looks good.

Posted by core1065

Oh boy... Bars on windows... Bad neighborhood...

Posted by goatsoap

@5:09 fraps watermark? WTF!!!!?

Posted by UpUpAndAway

I don't care about Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3. The era of realistic first person shooter should come to an end. Although that doesn't mean I'm not getting MW3 because I am. I played the first 2 and I want a conclusion. It may be controversial, but I don't want to play the multiplayer. I don't play Call of Duty for deep emotional struggle (which it doesn't have) or grinding, angry mulitplayer. I play it to blow up helicopters by ramping submarines and shit.

Posted by ch3burashka

Ancel's "Ubi or not Ubi" skit was good, but Mr. Caffeine was bad? Fuck you guys. To quote Ryan Davis, you don't even know anything...

Posted by Ghosthead84

Rich Gallup cameo FTW
Posted by foggel

What Skyward Sword fiasco are they refering to?

Posted by DaveMoshi

What is the song at 14,34 and onward? Love the video, as always!

Posted by SamuSlave

Brad Shoemaker is pure light manifest.

Posted by Termion

Woah, Hold on a second. Did I just see a Mii Sniping game for the WiiU?

Posted by darkwingduck
@foggel: they showed the game last year, and the controls didnt work
Posted by YoungBuck

Always entertaining.

Posted by lingertingper

Great recap of what you saw at E3 party of the games!

Posted by cosmicx


Posted by Mexican_Brownie

It's incredible to watch this again now, knowing the current situation of the WiiU. Just amazing.