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This video was great.

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not sure on how i feel about ol tim :/

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didnt like tha game
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goddam brad photobombs EVERYTHING

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This is the best video EVER.

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@Kajaah117: @Kajaah117 said:

" @Damien said:

" @Kajaah117 said:
" @TMThomsen said:
" @killerjt:  Then let's discuss other matter. Where are you from? "
Hi! Nice to meet you.... are you a girl? "
It's a traaaap! "
Here's your chance. My name's Jessica. "
Get the hell outta my seat!
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3:23 So what is Brad doing there?

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Weird seeing an "I heart Geeks" banner in a PAX 09 video.

I think that just came out on the DSiWare store or something.