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Hoppin into the TV at 34:30

Posted by stanie12

this kind of content is why i love you guys.

Posted by nonforma

This was awesome, really good job by Vinny explaining each component.

Stream volume was a bit low.

Posted by SquirrelWizard

Awesome. It's funny how much I understood about the video stuff, being a sound guy. I guess in the end it's all just electricity.

Posted by DaemonBlack

This is really awesome and interesting. I work in live production from time to time and it is really cool to see the GB crew's setup. Plus, it has Vinny and Drew in it.

Posted by Cowmeat

These are fantastic.

Posted by CornBREDX

You guys are getting more and more original content. Soon you may be able to justify an actual DVD/Blu Ray release =P 
I'd buy it. Just sayin'. 
Seriously, though, this was awesome seeing the stuff you work with now. Thank you!

Posted by Benmo316

Wow. I knew a lot went into streaming and all this production stuff but this was more than I expected. I'm glad I watched this, very interesting. Well done guys.

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You guys are the BEST!!

EDIT: Best video of 2013!

Posted by Indiana_Jenkins

Not since I learned to make cables have I been so impressed by this site.

Posted by Trilogy

Fascinating stuff.

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oh man i want to push all those buttons

this is great, thanks guys

Posted by Slab64

Really enjoyed watching work his Big Knob...

Posted by NPfeifer

That was so awesome, great to see the complexity of their setup!

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That was VERY cool!

Posted by Bane122

When it took a while for this archive to show up, I was hoping it was because they were fixing the audio. Really happy that was the case.

I hope the guys do follow up with more of these, it's really fascinating.

Posted by CrashTanuki

Awesome. I've been hoping for some behind the scenes stuff for the video production side of the site. Thanks.

Posted by CatsAkimbo

I haven't watched this yet, but I'm already so happy to see this. I've been asking for a video like this since the first BLLSL.

Posted by mrpandaman

Man I am scared that the TVs on the set will get hit off their stand and break. It's like seeing glass on the edge of the table, begging to be accidentally hit off.

Posted by hellbent

this was a great video and super interesting for us gear heads! keep it up!

Posted by IzzyGraze

I want a video of Vinny shenanigans and how he does them. That and/or a Sherlock Holmes style episode where Vinny tries to figure out how to fix a problem on set or with the video recording. "My dear Vinny I believe we're not picking up any audio on set!" "Drew if you follow the cable to the audio pickup what do you see?" "...It's unplugged! Genius!".

Posted by Phished0ne

Man, that audio board gets me hot under the collar.

Posted by Strife777

This was super interesting. Lot more stuff to do than you'd think, which makes you appreciate their work even more. But I guess it sort of becomes second nature to them, after doing the same things over and over.

Posted by ThePantheon

@Duffyside: so truth. so truth.


Posted by MrNeutron

Wow, fascinating stuff. Thanks a bunch, guys. Highly educational. Would love to see more features like this.

Posted by CaptRocketblaze

I love when a behind the scenes video goes up. You know it's great content when you watch the whole thing despite having no need to know how they do what they do. Vinny & Drew are just that good.

Posted by DKWildz

Very informative! Interesting to see the sheer amount of equipment being used, and what it takes to get everything up and running for the sites content.

Easy to say, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun (or horrible when everything goes wrong), but still, love it, guys!

Posted by _Phara0h_

I thought I had some idea how Vinny and Drew did TNT, I was WRONG I had NO idea.

I bow to you in thanks.

Posted by Landmine

This was fun to watch. I'd love to see more content like this.

Posted by Skillsne

When it comes to the volume of the live stream, I've noticed that if I mute and unmute it, the sound is louder after I unmute than before.

Posted by Y2Ken

Whoo! This is really interesting to watch, thanks for putting it up guys!

Posted by Davvyk

TNT seems like the worlds greatest fire hazard

Posted by KillerBomb

Interesting, informative and fun to watch! Thanks Drew & Vinny.

Posted by bushpusherr

This should be a really good resource to point people to when they bitch about it taking a little long to get set up in the new office. They didn't come in to CBSi with any of this shit.


Awesome video! More please! :D

Posted by HalfDane1975

I love the behind the scenes stuff. Maybe we can get some behind the scenes on the bomb cast or the quick looks? Great to see Jeff goofing off in the background too!

Posted by SuddenBlackout

This is some of the best work they have put out so far. As a fan of production work and an video editor myself, I love this. Thanks alot for this.

Posted by Ravelle

Well, I sure underestimated their get up.

Posted by Morden2261

That was sixty minutes of awesome. Vinny and Drew, you are a pair of steely-eyed missile men!

Posted by midsummerstorm

Thanks Vinny and Drew! That was awesome to watch. I always wandered how much technical wizardry is required to make "stuff work". I'd certainly watch more videos like this.

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Thanks for doing this!! Very cool to see.

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This is the awesome! =)

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Wow. I just watched all of this

Posted by Greebman

man this is awesome

the big knob is actually a Big Knob

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Thanks for doing this guys! I'm in IT student and I don't have any experience with video or audio equipment, but you made a lot of things that would seem really obscure that I'd never deal with normally, make sense. More stuff from the technical side when you get a chance is fantastic!

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yeah this was cool as hell

i fuckin love wires, knobs, and blinking leds so please more content like this

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@Nmckee503 said:

I learned so much!

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