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Posted By Vicious17

This is Jeff's doing!

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Edited By MrMazz

This continues to be the right kind of stupid

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Posted By HatKing

I had an interview at Volition a few weeks ago. God, I hope I get that job.

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Posted By StarvingGamer

Best part is when Gat uses his air special then headshots himself o_O


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Posted By Player1
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Posted By Gantrathor

Okay, Dave Lang, you win.

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Edited By Sammo21

Johnny Gat...he's so god like.

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Posted By beard_of_zeus

@shaunage said:

I love how Dave Lang pretty much only makes joke games for Jeff's personal amusement.

If I could get paid to do so, I would :)

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Posted By Debigulator

would you look at that

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Posted By supaslicer

This was a move that definitely had to happen….

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Posted By Undeadpool

Oh gee, maybe this'll get me another month and a half of online competition...no, seriously, I would happily pay for another month and a half of online with this game.

Divekick is the most fun I've ever had with an online game...

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Posted By yyZiggurat

I hope they got the original voice actor to reprise his role for this flash game.

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Edited By shodan2020

oh shit, it's Gat!

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Posted By xXHesekielXx

haha! Well played Dave.

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Posted By kagato

damn it! I was completely happy ignoring dive kick as a weird psudo game that other people play but with Johnny Gat being added i kind of need to buy this now.

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Posted By Veektarius

This is very silly.

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Edited By LegendaryChopChop

"Addition Edition" is fucking brilliant of a subtitle. I love it.

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Edited By Pop

Johnny Gat is in the Lang Zone!

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Posted By Shortbreadtom

#strapiton #getfuckedboi

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Edited By david_maurer

Sweet! :)

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Posted By IanYarborough

Motherfucking Dave Lang. Slow clap, boy.

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Posted By President_Barackbar

I can't wait to see Divekick's junk.bin

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Posted By MeatSim

Gat actually fits in kind of perfectly given how absurd all the other Dive Kick characters are.

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Posted By benderunit22

As someone who only played SR3, I don't understand people's supposed (likely ironic) obsession with Johnny Gat.

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Posted By ThePantheon

Do i need to upgrade my Netscape for this or....????

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Posted By heatDrive88

Do i need to upgrade my Netscape for this or....????

I heard you might just need the latest version of RealPlayer.

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Posted By Boniti
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Posted By lurble

Does this mean I'll be able to divekick in Saint's Row 5?

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Posted By Mr_Creeper

As someone who only played SR3, I don't understand people's supposed (likely ironic) obsession with Johnny Gat.

I think he's the most identifiable character from the series; considering the player character is different for most everyone customization.

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