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That dude needs to shave.

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@ryan Plausible does not equal true.

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Ryan talking shit about the Xmen cartoon really does baffle me. It was nothing short of awesome damn it!

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I've discovered why I've had such a hard time getting into Patrick-specific content, and it's that he just never stops talking. In Random PC Game, in Breaking Brad, in every other feature I can think of, they at least make a serious effort at playing the games, but Patrick seems to spend most of his time reciting Wikipedia-gleaned knowledge and monologuing about this or that.

Even in the Olympic Games Olympiad, when most of those games were shitty and practically the same, Ryan spent time trying to actually play them. It's just so tough for me to get into these features when I would really really like to, especially since there's a ton of Patrick content here for people to enjoy. I feel like the games should be the stars of these features, not the people in them. But I just can't do it; it sucks for me, I guess.

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@marokai: True man, he does not stop talking. It's really tiresome when he gets going, I'm sure he just loves the sound of his own voice. The worst part is when he cuts people off (happens frequently on the Bombcast) and whenever he is explaining a game or something it takes him four times longer then anyone else would to explain it.

Also, both Richard and David Attenborough are very much alive. For a huge fan of Jurassic Park, Patrick really doesn't know a lot about it at all.

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If there's anything I've realized while watching Giantbomb do their business, it's that Ryan Davis loves claiming people are dead who aren't.

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I saw this great Jurassic Park themed band called "Clever Girl". Actually, I was drunk so I can't really say how good they were. They were pretty good if you've got a couple darth vaders in you.

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Ryan being gone doesn't seem real when we can just go back and watch these videos. I just expect them to make another one of these even though I know that's not actually possible.

Also it sucks that there will probably never be another one of these.

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"We'll come back to Trespasser." :(

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"Yeah, we'll probably come back to Trespasser."

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@noblenerf: LETS HUG IT OUT MAN :( *wipes tear from eye*