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Edit: I'm Dumb

Posted by Ezekeilpurger

To the right dog.

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Magic begins at 1:12:06. Also someone needs to GIF Jeff miming drums to the sick Uniracers theme.

Posted by lumberingjackal

Hot damn!

Posted by OroJackson

so glad they archived this

Posted by drowsap

sweet just finished part 1 now this is posted woot

Posted by Darkstorn

Excellent! Archive more stuff!

Posted by HydraHam

*mr burns* exxxxxxxxxcceeellleeennnttt

how many more parts? i logged in well over the 5 hour mark and the stream was still going strong, i think i logged in like on hour 7 or something.

Posted by reddjoey

Thank you for putting this up. I was stuck driving to and from the airport so I missed almost all of the SNES party.

Posted by selfconfessedcynic

Thanks guys - so happy this is finally up.

Posted by Winsord

I guess I'm not sleeping tonight!

Posted by chozimba

This is why I have insomnia, Love ya'll.

Posted by LumberingOaf

Awesome! This is the part I missed.

Posted by Giantstalker

I think we can all agree, Home Alone was the highlight of this event here. Powerful and unforgettable.

Posted by budgietheii

Aww damn, Uniracers.  Someone sort out the damned licensing problems and get this on the VC.

Posted by OneManX

I LOVED Tom and Jerry on teh SNES....

I regret nothing.

Posted by MEATBALL

Just want to leave a massive fucking thankyou for archiving this stuff. It's really appreciated.

Posted by yakulto

This is great. And if you did another one for my beloved Megadrive then I would truly love you long time.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Missed this the first time, awesome that it's archived.

Can't wait till you guys get around to the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.

Posted by RVonE

The trick with Uniracers, apart from knowing how to do the stunts, is to read the color coding of the track so you know when to stunt. Of course, to get the best times you have to memorize that shit.

Posted by wapostyle

Where's Robotrek?

Posted by ptys

Jeff, you're playing Super Star Wars wrong!

Posted by Hilts

I will happily watch all of these.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Oh wow, Mystic Quest? I don't even know anyone else who bought that game.

Posted by LJO1989

Let's attack aggressively

Posted by Dany

Love it

Posted by digitaldiatribe

Glad I was able to prevent the chat from killing themselves by telling Brad he needed to sprint in Super Metroid.

Posted by DeadDorf

Get a refund for that scan converter, only one gun's shots show on Contra 3!

Posted by Kratch

Right in the Galoobs!

Posted by A_Dog

<3 uniracers

Posted by sushisteve

Jeff spontaneously pantomiming drumming in the uniracers clip about knocked me off my ass laughing.

Posted by MjHealy

It's weird that I actually remember that Tom & Jerry as a kid. Fun fact; only Mega Drive I have ever played.

Posted by TheMasterDS

Shame about not having and DKCs, the second would definitely have been the one to play!

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Oh Mystic Quest for years i thaught you actualy were an FF game. I replay it and relised it wasnrt close gameplay wise was loose.

Posted by Peanut

UGH! Suffered through the awful callers in the first part, but this one is really putting me off about 30 minutes in. GB call-ins are just awful.

Posted by Outrager

Brad and Patrick are so bad at Contra! =D

Posted by eccentrix

Does anyone else not like the phone calls?

Posted by Brendan

Why did Andre just keep going with that question of his? It was over, and then he just repeated himself again for some reason.

Posted by NeoUltima

I love Supe Star Wars. Beat the crap out of it...During the cave level area (where you get the lightsabre) there is a hidden room if you fall down a pit and you can get 99x lives. So proud when I discovered that. Not sure I would have ever beat the game without it.

Posted by SockemJetpack

Near the end of this video when Jeff said "Robot Boy" the stream slowed down and went robotic... I thought Vinny did something. Went back and checked and it didn't do it... creepy.

Posted by MOAB

@eccentrix said:

Does anyone else not like the phone calls?

it's not that there's anything wrong with the calls, but it interrupted the flow. i'd rather they just take a few questions from the chat.

Posted by Homeslice


Posted by NekuCTR

Ya know, Usually I'm fine with Brad acting like he's the final authority on everything, but when he trys to be the final authority on my childhood that's where I draw the line.

Posted by BLipp18

i dont know what those guys are talking about, Simpsons Wrestling is a great game to ironically like! its so broken its just stupid fun! one of the few PSOne games i have left on disc

Posted by MeatSim

You can't have a SNES party without Uniracers.

Posted by TheHakku

Damn. Starting right at the end of Mystic Quest. Loved that game.

Posted by Baconator

Man, I wish cartridges would make a comeback. Screw discs!

Posted by NathHaw

@UnsolvedParadox said:

Oh wow, Mystic Quest? I don't even know anyone else who bought that game.

I did. Also, which user is Jasmine?

Posted by Pop

The game that I really like but everybody else hates is home alone 2 on the NES, I just played it when I was a kid and finished it a million times :D

Posted by Tricky69

@Baconator said:

Man, I wish cartridges would make a comeback. Screw discs!

Just don't complain when games cost 4 times as much.

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