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goddamn too many quick looks??

Posted by BigRed1989

yay!! more game room... 

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Airwolf theme!

Posted by Shayera

Quick Look overdose today. Nice!

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Ryan and Game Room is always a good match. 

Posted by BasketSnake

You're not QUICK enough to look at all of them!

Posted by Oscar__Explosion

oh god another one! this day keeps getting better and better!

Posted by ELpork
No such thing.
Posted by pickassoreborn

God, I love Game Room Quick Looks.

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Jeff + Ryan die a little inside room!  Time for the weekly dose

Posted by Kjellm87

Blast from the past.

Posted by phatjayunoi

LOL the Airwolf theme.
Posted by PandaShake

so many quick looks!!

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I'd call this a Quick Look Party, or maybe a Fast View Quest?

Posted by Azteck

"1990 HOLY SHIT" Goddamn.. Ryan's voice.

Posted by Mister_Snig

I fucking lost it when Ryan found out about that game being released in 1990.

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"RIM, oh AIM" 
Why do these QL's continue, seriously...

Posted by Wes899

BAHAHAHAH Ryan's voice @1990

Posted by CountYourBlessings

another $12 spent yo.

Posted by MeatSim

Jeff and Ryan's apathy and loathing for Game Room never gets old.

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i almost shit myself laughing when they went 1990 HOLY SHIT xD

Posted by Malakhii

The fact that Jeff pays for these out of his own pocket only adds to the entertainment value of this exploration into this horror. 

Posted by Shadow

All things considered, not a bad week for Game Room.  Still, compared to every other digital release this week, it's still shit.

Posted by HadesTimes

Wow guys, lots of videos going up today.  I missed this one the first couple times I browsed through. Keep'em coming.... :)

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Best quick look day ever, holy cow

Posted by eccentrix

All the Quick Looks!

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No such thing as too many quick looks!

Posted by VicRattlehead

rages onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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The longer this goes on, the more Jeff hates himself. These quicklooks are the best.

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We need a quick look of the dog in the office!

Posted by Gregomasta

Yo, I want a QL on this dog.

Posted by GunnBjorn

Aaah, Missile Command... It feels good to see that again. It also makes me feel old.
Posted by soupbones

Awesome as usual.

Not the games... The review.

Posted by Winsord
@Anwar: No such thing.
Posted by Magicallystoopid

Man... this is an awesome day for a Giant Bomb quick look fan.

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Pressure Cooker tells the story of man working in the packaged food industry. Its full title is "Bobby Kotick: The Pressure Cooker"

Posted by growl

game room is microsoft's playstation home

Posted by Conny

Do's open, mayne!

Posted by FritzDude

Was it a poodle?

Posted by LentFilms

Someone needs to do a remix song of Ryan saying "1990!!!!!"

Posted by ch3burashka
@CountYourBlessings said:
" another $12 spent yo. "
Game Room QL's now seem inevitable, a given quantity, but then you realize that Jeff actually buys each effing game... for 3 bucks. Each. Every week. For months now.  
Holy shit.
Posted by Natalia

Why is 1990 surprising?

Posted by 4thHorseman

Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. Hard.