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Heck yes!

Posted by impostle

I thought this was suppose to come earlier.

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The still from this looks terrifying

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Their fake language sounds ALOT like Simlish.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Hell yeah, a quick look!

Posted by KindOfBlue

Interesting synopsis...

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Ha! This is published by Sega of all things.

Also that shop music just might beat SR3.

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Hmmmm....now should I get this or Tokyo Jungle?? This seems to be a bit deeper and probably longer...

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is the healing up thing a sailor moon transformation reference? or maybe just anime transformation.

edit: alright this game is pretty fucking awesome.

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Brilliant. Yeah, the game is made by Arkedo, a French studio that's done the Arkedo Series games on XBLA and PSN.

@BluPotato: Yup, Sega has been doing more and more great downloadable games lately.

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I want to see how that last boss dies.

Posted by nate6858

Well this looks awesome. Hadn't heard of it previously. Guess I know what I'll be playing this weekend...

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The gibberish style of the voices reminds me a lot of Magicka. They did the same thing, but it was gibberish made to sound Swedish I believe.

Posted by wumbo3000

This quick look could not have ended more perfectly.

Regardless, this game looks awesome. And I really want that soundtrack.

Posted by whatisdelicious

Are those robot bees a reference to Mario Paint? Because if so, this game is FOR ME.

Posted by Dogma

Never heard of the game before but this looks frikkin awesome!

Posted by VicRattlehead

i shall purchase this game.... to steam i go

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Holy shit. I'm gonna cop this one. Looks AWEsome.

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Looks great, free on EU PS+ too.

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classic shoemaker at the end :D

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...Best game featuring a M41 Pulse Rifle since Rebellion's Aliens Versus Predator for the PC? Probably.

EDIT: Gave up on linking..soo many similarly titled games!

EDIT 2: Found it!

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This is all I heard

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Got to play this at PAX East and have been dying for the full release.

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I want to own this game!

edit: The style of the game somehow feels like something between this and that... does anyone know, what I mean?

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Hmm, I added this to my Steam wishlist yesterday. I regret nothing.

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I am sold on this game.

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Hell YEAH I will buy this.

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What a lovely game, and it's on PSN :D

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@BlackLagoon said:

Looks great, free on EU PS+ too.

I need to get on that PS+ business when I get some cash.

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FYI, this is coming to Steam on October 3. And if you pre-order now you'll get a bunch of old Sega Genesis games:

  • Comix Zone
  • Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
  • Kid Chameleon
  • Ristar
  • Decap Attack
  • Flicky
  • Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
  • Gunstar Heroes
  • Dynamite Headdy 1
  • Wonder Boy in Monster World
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This looks like my kinda crazy!

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Wow, this game turned out to be a total banger! There is too much awesome hitting PSN tonight, between this and Tokyo Jungle.

Considering these are rabbits in Hell, with a Simpsons doughnut skin, this may have started as some kind of homage to Matt Groening.

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Hah, I always liked muzak in loading screens too. Skate 1 had some great muzak versions of regular songs for the loading screens.

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Now that intro was genuinely funny fuck other games forcing humor

This is probably the best video game I've ever seen

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Uh i cant hear any of the music in the video.

Somebody else with this problem?

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This game looks fantastic!

Posted by BlackLagoon

@Ghostiet: Too bad you couldn't get in on the 25% discount earlier this month - if you're on a tight budget, a year of PS+ is easily the best deal you're going to get.

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And I thought Tokyo Jungle was the weirdest game I'd see this month.

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Reminds me of "Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee" which was referencing artists of unknown Ryan may have been talking about.

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@Impreza_AWD: Any game narrated by the Swedish Chef is a game worth playing.

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After team brad I thought pulling a brad was a thing of the past, but the end of this video proves me wrong.

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I'm getting a Drill Dozer vibe from this one. Looks awesome.

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This game feels like MTV in the early 90's.

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I was on the fence about this one. I love the art style and the craziness, the chique frenchman-ish references in the comedy of the story, all that. I wasn't sold on the GAME though, I'm psyched you did a quick look for this one, thanks! I've had 15 or 20 bones sitting on PSN account for a while now and, this game HAS to be worth the $15 admission to see how they put it all together.

EDIT: I got this game instead of Tokyo Jungle. It's fun, but every so often it hard locks my PS3 up. Only game to ever do that to it.

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Hella yea...

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I like the style of this game. Sega should publish more games like this.

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@Rumpleforeskin: It's only $12 for Playstation Plus members.