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@erinfizz said:

" Looks pretty cool, but even this QL is making me nauseous. I guess I will pass. "

Ryan is playing it in a rather odd way i must say. 
You can reduce sensitivity and the camera shake if it is bothering in you in the options, there are plenty of sliders to mess with to make it feel just right.
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It's bundled in if I'm not mistaken.
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Loading times are way too long and frequent, I can't believe they thought that was acceptable.  I look at that and think of a dozen different ways to improve it, and none of them involve thinking it's fine as it is.  Fuck, I 'd rather look at a loading icon with a paused frame than some bullshit door that takes seven seconds to open.
And the lack of blood or dismemberment is still a glaring omission, especially in a game called "Red Steel".

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Red Steel 2: Sworderlands

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@DukeTogo said:
"And the lack of blood or dismemberment is still a glaring omission, especially in a game called "Red Steel". "
It sure is. The weirdest part is that some of the fishing moves are really up-close and without the blood they make no sense at all. The finish move with the gun especially. 
Well the blade's alloy does get red as you upgrade it so i suppose that that sort of justifies the title.
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This game looks boring.

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Forget this whole shooter sword combo game we've got going here. Where's our Wii Doors??!!

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This game looks lame.

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That instruction model's small hands made the Wii Remote seem huge.

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@Rallier:  well that's good to hear
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looks great but i'll wait a bit for a lower price

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Duder is there duders!

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Another game I will get eventually. It looks pretty decent.

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15:03 holy shit! Is that Gannondorf???

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@TheWolf619 said:
" @sorryawkward: According to his Wiki Page, he's got an album coming out sometime this year. "
I was wondering the exact same thing a couple weeks ago. Huh.
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Doors are the new elevators.

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I guess this guy is the new Master of Unlocking. I've never seen so many effing doors hat need to be opened.
Also, I'm the lone surviving Red Steel 1 fan...Hi, um, why in all fuck is this called Red Steel? It's got no ties to the original and, me being about the only person alive who liked the first one apparently, it has no brand loyalty attached to it.

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hmm loks pretty good.
Much better than I was expecting anyway.
Probs wont pick it up though.
IR games dont work too well in my room as you have to stand too close to the screen.
Love the art style though. 
Also, this game has been pushed about for a bit now and the art style change in broderlands is well documented as a last minute change so who's to say that the borderlands revised art style wasnt riping off this and not the other way round?
What came first, Red Steel 2's art style or Borderland's?

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Looks ok.
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This game looks awesome! I've never played the first one, but this one has caught my attention. I would get it on Friday when it comes out, but I need a Motion Plus, and can't be bothered paying £35 + however much motion plus is... I'll get it eventually though, it looks great!

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Hmm.. well I might sell Silent Hill and get this, it looks a little....simple I mean I like the art style but...its seems like it should feel dirty and...it looks like a clean room....but just the complete lack of blood and gore goes against the atmosphere and for fucks sake the game is called RED Steel, not Glowing Red Sword For the Children. I mean don't get me wrong it looks like a  decent game and I will play it but, after playing games like Uncharted 2 and GoW3 and Gears and Halo and Dragon Age and Borderlands and Bioshock and Half Life these motion games just come off as lesser beings like comparing a regular person to Kratos there is just no chance. I hope the stuff for the PS3 and 360 turn out better because until this technology is 1:1 and works 100% perfect with no controller  I don't want it....... sorry /rant

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@airules:  I thinks it's well known by now that Borderlands "borrowed" their style (and maybe some of the concept) from this short animation:
A bit of motion sickness watching this QL, but the game looks really good.
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meh, looks like crap.
and i can't believe they show a FMV of a random girl teaching you the moves instead of the game characters, LOL

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I don't know how long it will last but I'm really digging the look of this game.

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I was looking at some previous posts and . . . I admit, I'm a little mad I didn't come up with Sworderlands myself.  
This game looks okay. There's a big deal made with all the doors but I'm no stranger to loading times on every console ever. I like the gunplay with the revolver.

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It actually looks like it might be some fun.  Maybe I'll rent it and play it on my brother's Wii.

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@gosukiller said:
" The visuals remind me of Borderlands for some weird reason... and I haven't even played Borderlands. "
yeah I was thinking the same thing
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This looks so awesome.

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@Claude said:
" That instruction model's small hands made the Wii Remote seem huge. "
Oh, you rascal!
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Love the East meets West style. Been waiting for something else to justify my Motion + since Wii Sports Resort, this looks like it'll do until Zelda.
Also, this game has really nice doors.

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I love the visual style, but the game itself looks ridiculously dull.

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its like shooting gas in a barrel!

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I liked the tactile feel of the sword hitting the guy's armor and stopping, rather than continuing right through. Simple but effective feedback. Besides the loading times the games looks surprisingly good.

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Caldera? Really?
Red Steel 2 takes place in Morrowind.

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This looks fun and I like the borderlands/east meets west style, also this game has nice doors.

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I haven't played it yet, but it looks like a vast improvement over the first Red Steel.

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I lost my boner when the video wasn't working :(

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Looks good, I'd play it if not for the SD & motion controls.

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the barrel is the fish

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For a game called red steel I would expect more blood :/

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So it's set in eastern western? in the future? outer space? Why not put zombie vampires in it while they're at it?

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Red Steel 2 had this art style long before Borderlands switched from its generic UT3 look to what it got released with. It just so happened it released first. Anyway, decent quick look (didn't watch all of it, also, shoot the containers' red buttons to open them), always should play the games first a bit to get a feel for them before showing them off, less embarassing on your part that way. Should have changed the bounding box though, so you don't have to move the cursor so far to turn. I guess you lot aren't exactly experts in IR pointing.

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Seems like a huge improvement over the first game. Sadly, still not good enough for me to spend money on. Maybe RS3?

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Both Jeff and Ryan are wrong. We all know the truth: 
There is no barrel.

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15:30 scene is epic.