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Posted by Mancotron

I appreciated the Eddie Murphy: Raw reference.
Posted by Vasta_Narada

I just realized that all the check-marks in Red Steel 2 are backwards O_o

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This looks surprisingly solid.  This QL just sold me on a game I didn't care about a day ago.

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@Al3xand3r said:
" Red Steel 2 had this art style long before Borderlands switched from its generic UT3 look to what it got released with. It just so happened it released first. Anyway, decent quick look (didn't watch all of it, also, shoot the containers' red buttons to open them), always should play the games first a bit to get a feel for them before showing them off, less embarassing on your part that way. Should have changed the bounding box though, so you don't have to move the cursor so far to turn. I guess you lot aren't exactly experts in IR pointing. "
That...did not at all come off as arrogant and/or jack-assy...not at all.
Posted by nrain

Those are some sexy doors.

Posted by Detrian

This QL is crazy boring for some reason.

Posted by carlthenimrod

Those are some slow ass doors.

Posted by jakob187

Well, look on the bright side of things:  at least the motion controls seem to be responsive and ACTUALLY WORK THIS TIME!  

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I would honestly rather play the first Red Steel. That doesn't mean that I think that this is a bad game, I just enjoyed the first Red Steel so much. I'm not being sarcastic.

Posted by Shaanyboi
considering the fans of that first game clearly are insane, i'm pretty sure Ubi cares fuck all about brand loyalty to that first piece of shit.
Posted by Shaanyboi

Ryan, you totally CAN do a fidelity check.  Pull out the sword with Z, and just hold a defensive stance with 'A'.  You can do the whole twisty nonsense stuff, see MotionPlus in action.

Posted by hbi2k

 Dude, slicing up saguaros is not cool.  Those things take hundreds of years to grow.  This game should not glorify the slicing up of saguaros.  Slicing up dudes is okay-- those didn't take a hundred years to get where they are today.  You can always make more dudes.

Posted by CashBailey

That looks pretty damn good for a Wii game.,
I guess developers are getting much better as utilising the hardware to its full.

Posted by ApertureSilence

So...Retarded Last-Gen Borderlands?

Posted by L33tfella_H

Nice references to Raw :P
Also, Red Steel 2 looks pretty damn good, not even just in Wii terms.

Posted by Zeniblade

This looks like the game that No More Heroes is making fun of.

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@Vasta_Narada:  Dont mind Alex, he's just such a rebel.
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Another Wii Game. Another topic full of people bitching about said Wii Game. 10% of those bitchers are going to buy said Wii Game anyway. Yawn. 
Looks really good, reminds me of borderlands (as said) but also has some of the same text as MadWorld.

Posted by Deusoma

The game looks about a thousand times better than the first one, and I really like the combined Samurai/Western vibe, but I am still deeply disappointed that once again, the game is called "Red Steel", and once again, there is no blood whatsoever, not even on your sword.

Posted by xyzygy

This looks SO AWESOME!

Posted by Shirogane

It needs more Red... 
Really, that's about the only disappointing thing here. 
Posted by Devil240Z

Im using this QL as a drinking game. by that I mean I drink everytime I think about buying red steel 2.

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Just a heads up for everyone, the game is very fun and engaging, but if lacks motive to replay the game on hard. There is a challenge mode, where you play through chapters of the game, aiming for the highest amount of points(money), for a bronze\sliver\gold medal.
I would have to say rental, unless you really enjoy it. I liked it a lot, but don't think i'll be playing it again.

Posted by Yummylee

Looks so sexy..One incredibly improved sequel!
Posted by Bones8677

Seems like the game is best played in short bursts? 
Kinda appears a little repetitive, but it doesn't look half bad.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Didn't realise how much Red Steel 2 actually looks like Borderlands till this Quick Look. Looks a definite improvement over the dull and buggy original.  

Posted by MHumphreys89

The loading times are pretty lengthy but the graphics make up for it, one of the nicer looking Wii games...

Posted by RagingLion

I really like the look of this game.  If I had a Wii I think I'd want to get this.

Posted by HansKaosu

You dont see the sword >_> LAME

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Posted by Andborn

Shoot the fucking gunner first Ryan! 

Posted by Junpei
@hbi2k:  You sir are a prophet, keep spreading the word of the plight of saguaros in this modern day western/Japan...
Posted by MjHealy

Certainly not a Spaghetti-Western, though the box art looks a bit Fistful of Dollars-like.

Posted by Daryl
@Linkyshinks: Get over it. 
Posted by CitizenKane

Those are some fine doors you got there.

Posted by sixpin
@Linkyshinks: Sense of humor, try one.
Posted by Al3xand3r
@Linkyshinks:  they implied you only get good shooting with M+ or something? You're right, the game uses IR aiming like any pre-M+ Wii shooter. I guess I spoke too soon calling it a decent quick look then, having only watched the first minutes. Disregard that part of my last post.
Posted by Rox360
@Computerplayer1 said:
" Caldera? Really?  THIS JUST IN:  Red Steel 2 takes place in Morrowind. "
THIS JUST IN: A caldera (from the Spanish word for cauldron) is a geological feature related to volcanoes.
Posted by BenderUnit22

Is it just me or does the POV angle seem extremely narrow? Everything looks like you're in zoom mode

Posted by libidinous

"Why did you punch Jimmy Walker? I like good times!"

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@Linkyshinks: I can't tell if you actually are trying to sound like a jerk or if you are just trolling. I mean my first comment was a little snide, but you might have hurt your arm patting yourself on the back so hard. Anyway, sorry you hate Giant Bomb so much. Maybe try a site you like better?
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Freakin awsome game..FOR A WII...
no really the first one sucked and the wii has no great shooters
lol love how the GB guys always say near the beginning "well thats the quick look thanks for watching"
then they all laugh heartly
Also the game looks really weird which for me is awsome!
Also i played the first one jeff.

Posted by Computerplayer1
@Rox360 said:
" @Computerplayer1 said:
" Caldera? Really?  THIS JUST IN:  Red Steel 2 takes place in Morrowind. "
THIS JUST IN: A caldera (from the Spanish word for cauldron) is a geological feature related to volcanoes. "
So long as we understand Caldera was the name of a town in Morrowind, we're good.
Posted by august
@Linkyshinks said:
" It's just terribly weak whatevr way you look at it, and there's no excuse for it, Anyone with a brain knows Motion Plus has fuck all impact on shooting, I mean, how on earth could it?.   Uninformative crap aside, and more to the point, what annoys me is the derisory tone you'll often find in 99% of Wii game Quick Look's on Giant Bomb - it's dumb idiotic frat boy shit.  @sixpin     I have a finely tuned one thanks. Frat boy humour has never worked for me, it's below my level of intelligence to find pleasure and revel in it, as most of the arse licking kids do on this site.  "
The tone of this quick look was actually quite positive. Maybe you should go outside for a walk and get some perspective. Or maybe you could just fuck off and never come back before posting anymore of you abusive stupidity. Either is fine.
Posted by Quacktastic

Lillian, get my pistol.
And my katana.

Posted by mrsmiley

"It's fusion. It's California burritos."
Now I'm hungry. This game actually doesn't look that bad.

Posted by JackSukeru

Looks pretty good, I wonder though can you set the controls to a setting similiar to the "advanced" setting in Metroid Prime 3? where you turn a little wheneve you're not pointing forward.

Posted by DocColossus

the other door was better. LOL

Posted by Crushed
@RockmanBionics said:
" Looks pretty good, I wonder though can you set the controls to a setting similiar to the "advanced" setting in Metroid Prime 3? where you turn a little wheneve you're not pointing forward. "
I think the developers said that there are MP3-style control settings for the bounding box.
Got a birthday coming up, maybe if I get a giftcard or something I'll pick this up.
Posted by BigBenZo

Looks fun, but I don't see myself buying a motion plus just for it.