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@Cyrisaurus said:

During that interview yesterday, I thought Jeff and Ryan were about to team up on the guy and let him know about all the things they don't like about the game. They kinda threw in some light stabs here and there, but no full attack.

Baby steps I guess, one day journalists are going to tell devs to their face "fix this shit it sucks"

They don't like MMOs and they don't like Star Wars. What helpful criticism could they possibly give?

"Hey, you guys should totally make this Star Trek. And an FPS. And put it on the 360."

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Well Jeff has a problem with the scripted events that you have to sit and wait on to happen for other people so that the next guy can do it, and so on until it is your turn, he could have mentioned that.

Dialogs don't work as a rotation, which is something that's really not made very clear at all in any documentation. What happens is everyone picks their option, and then the game rolls 1~200, and the person with the highest roll "wins" the conversation choice. Everyone still gets the Light Side and Dark Side points from the one they specifically chose, though.

This is actually a highlight of one of the things that bothers me about TOR. It's certainly a good game, and will likely last in the market. But it just constantly feels like they took the wrong cues from other MMOs, or intentionally decided to make the game based on Classic WoW. Needing to buy skill ranks instead of them auto-scaling, making game systems fairly arcane and hard to decipher, talent trees that are only an illusion of choice, and more.

Not to mention that the traditional Western MMO quest structure starts to logically fall apart when you look at what the classes in TOR are. I'm willing to let it slide because they're fun, but seriously; I had more then a few situations in even the Imperial Agent's intro story line, let alone on the second planet, where I was doing things and going "WHY am I, an agent of Imperial Intelligence, going around doing this kind of stuff?" And it would only get worse if you were playing a Sith. I can understand Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and PROBABLY the Jedi classes taking quests from random people, but Agents, Sith, and Troopers? It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

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Kind of boring to watch but I can see it being fun to play and I can see that a lot of years have been put in to make this game good.

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These graphics look bad...

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I'm eventually going to buy this and play it as a single player RPG. I did that in the short time I had in the beta and really enjoyed myself.

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@MAD_JIHAD said:

These graphics look bad...

Since when were Bioware RPGs all about the awesome graphics? (Mass Effect notwithstanding)

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This game looks alright, but it seems like it's built to be played alone and everything looks sort of empty.  Which would be fine, but at that point why am I connected to a server paying a monthly fee?  It seems like this MMO should come with an offline mode.

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Less than a minute in, and that running animation is TERRIBLE.

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Personally the same reason I disliked Guild Wars repeats here. Instance over instance. World of Warcraft is the perfect MMO in that regard, where no zone/city is instanced and if all the people from a server pack in a zone you will see them all (before server crashes).

Instancing everything just makes me feel like I'm playing another online game with 24 player limit. I do understand that personal quest instancing/phasing, but everything else should be one big world/instance without any sub instances.

Wanted to actually buy it an try it out, but yesterdays interview just turned me away.

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This look legitimately great. I just wish the system specs weren't so large. I can play WoW on medium settings at about 40 FPS but I couldn't play the beta at more than 7 FPS.

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I played the beta and I can't agree with Jeff and Ryan more about how boring the Republic story lines are. It's sad that they didn't write anything as intreseting for the them as they did for the Empire classes.

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@GioVANNI: I had the same problem in beta. Just so you know the launched game is a ton more stable. Its still not the greatest but I can run the game now.

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@CornBREDX: OK, that makes me a bit more hopeful at least. I might have to spend the 50 bucks to test it out...

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This just makes me sad that we won't see a real KotOR 3.  And as far as MMOs go, if I were going to get into one again, I'd still just rather play WoW.

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@UltimAXE said:

Less than a minute in, and that running animation is TERRIBLE.

This is the deal breaker for me in MMOs: If the running animation feels and looks like they're the least bit off, I'm out - DONE with the game.

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'Unstable Transient' is a pretty good synonym for 'Crazy Space Bum'

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For the record, does anyone know what server the GB community has decided on?

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Jeff's character is the Bastion kid in space

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@gladspooky: Don't get on the internet much, huh?

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L-O-V-E I-T!

Even if you don't get it at launch. You owe it to yourself to play it at some point. At least if you like KotOR or Star Wars or Bioware Games in general or all of the above. Even if you aren't into MMOs, you might get into it for the story and sense of scale and open-endedness.

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Ugh whenever Jeff says "crafting missions", I for some reason keep hearing "crapping missions". Who would wanna have such missions in the game??? Not cool.

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Oh come on. This bot has been spamming various video threads. We need to get rid of this account.

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@Nettacki: Id rather not play a game that looks like an original xbox game. (Quake and UT are exceptions)

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I look forward to the day where an MMO like this has combat that is actually interesting.

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Wait... you can be a lightning-spewing, throat-crunching Sith, and be on the Light side of the force??

That makes zero sense.

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Might give it a go when it's on sale

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Oh dear. The word "dumb" said 6 minutes into the quicklook. "Bad space shit" a minute later. Gotta admit the ship graphics look early 90s. That can't be good.

Yeah, it pretty much looks like an MMO, with substandard graphics for this day.

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@Seppli: I really like other BW RPGs but all the grinding in between the story turned me off, give me the story and keep your MMO. I have had enough MMO to last me a life time with 4 years of WoW under my belt.

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The space combat seems like a nice chang and looks cool. Don't know what Jeff's problem was.

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This game is nothing like KotoR or a classic bioware game...

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I think I will get this game with some Christmas gift cards, I am not sure if I will play it after the initial 30 days, the almost complete emptiness of the world populated by very little people is very weird for an MMO like this.

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Eeh...maybe once/if they put out a trial, I might give this a go. Just really don't care for Star Wars, so that's a bit of a problem, I guess. Hope Secret World manages to be more tempting...

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I'm loving this game at the moment. I don't think that the level of negativity is really justified at all.

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The Space Combat missions reminded me of the Star Fox Adventures Space Combat missions.

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I can't watch this Quick Look until I get through the live stream XD

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I want this game so bad. I want to play and be in this world so bad. GIVE IT TO ME. I have to buy a new computer to play this, though. :(

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Hey! What's up with Bioware?

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@thebigJ_A: No, it's not the light side of the force, when you're on the empire side your "light side" choices are basically showing very little mercy vs. showing no mercy at all, as was stated in the video with the lead writer posted yesterday. The naming convention is just there to give choice, you aren't some jedi-sith hybrid. Even the "light side" choices are evil.

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Ok, I'll say it 13:22 is pretty fucking cool..

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Played a bit during beta, while I can't get the actual retail release in this part of the world yet. Wasn't overly impressed, having played tons of other MMOs and really having no interest in Star Wars. I think if you really like the standard MMO formulae (ala WoW) and wanted it to be Star Wars, this could be good for you, for a while at least (no clue what end game is gonna be like). If you're more just a MMO fan are looking for something totally fresh though, my experience in the beta said that this isn't really gonna deliver that.

Not the best looking MMO for these days either, but it could be an art style issue. WoW isn't technically advanced at all but has aged pretty nicely.

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That run animation is fucking shitty.

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I've never liked MMOs and this doesn't look to be the thing that will change that.

Also, forget Star Wars.

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@Matfei90: Yeah, it's sorta weird. Models seem nice, environments seem okay if bland, animations seem awful.

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@Addfwyn said:

@Matfei90: Yeah, it's sorta weird. Models seem nice, environments seem okay if bland, animations seem awful.

Considering how smooth and characterful the animation I've seen from Guild Wars 2 material so far really makes this look terrible. Looks gaudy as hell aswell.

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Only thing that looks like Star Wars in this is the space combat.

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Wow, this looks mad sterile, guided, limited, generic, compartmentalized.. basically everything I dislike about this type of MMO taken to extremes. The "moral" stuff, in Bioware fashion, makes characters seem about as deep as a cardboard standup.

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They're planning on implementing a new space section of the game where you actually control the ship. From what I understand, the current space combat was kind of thrown together because of time constraints.

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The worst part about this game is the fanboys, aka biodrones