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Posted by Furyjoell

Vager made me laugh at the end. This looks really good for an MMO.

Posted by Artemis_D

That epic battle sold me.  I want this game.

Posted by MjHealy

Good to see its up again. I also finally got around to start downloading the Beta but its slooooow.

Posted by Dafub

God I think I want this game!
Posted by Dethfish

I'm loving these videos, which is weird since I'm not really into MMOs or Star Trek. The space battles are awesome though, especially when you have backup.
And I really hope someone is writing down all this Frigth back story that Dave and Vinny are coming up with. Combine it all at the end of this series and you'll have the best bio ever.

Posted by Brad
@Artemis_D: Best user icon on Giant Bomb.
Posted by Vager

How did Dave figure out I was Canadian? 
Didn't notice anything in-game that tells you a player's country of origin.
Posted by Solh0und

Wow this game has me thinking of Anarchy Online......sad i know

Posted by SmotPoker
@Vager: It was the "eh". Thanks for the laughs near the end of the video.
Posted by LiquidS

Hope some PVP is shown sometime, Missions look better than EVE so hopefully the PVP isn't to wussy.
Posted by Dethfish
@Vager:  Because you said "Eh". That's a dead give away.
Posted by squidracerX

yeah i wish this was a real single player game, it looks fun (maybe still add in some online "let your buddies on your away team action") but i will NOT pay $60 + $15 a month for it.... Why isnt there a good star trek game out there like this for consoles? Such an easy idea, all the ideas and back story are already out there for developers.... such a rich IP with built in fans..... yet we just get star trek D-A-C filth.....

Posted by Hashbrowns

Dave, Archer's beagle was named Porthos, not Copernicus.  Yeesh! 
But seriously, this series is awesome.  Again, Dave, Vinny and Brad make a great set of personalities for these episodes.
Posted by kenya24
@James0890 said:
"  I'd be so much more excited about this game if it wasn't an MMO, I'd love to play a good single player role playing Star Trek game. "
I agree
Posted by Contra

I'm enjoying it greatly.
Tricorder emote wins. >_>

Posted by squidracerX

Brad: "So i dont wanna put points into my character?"
Vinnie: "no you did fine when you were on foot."
Ummmm no, he died and failed the mission, but he did fine by respawning and running I guess hahahaha....

Posted by Vager
Haha, didn't even notice I said "eh". 
It is still pretty amazing Brad managed to be the only one not to die.  
I think we pulled two groups of ships that time.
Posted by ZagZagovich

That was a great episode. Also the game is pretty fun. Maybe I'll even buy a lifetime membership if it turns out well.

Posted by Jtan21

I kinda want to play KOTOR now.

Posted by OrgunUK

Protip: Right click both the laser icons so they have a green border and you only have to press them once and they will auto attack the target.

Posted by Aelric

Where is Sulu is the most common chat message in this game!

Posted by Death_Burnout

volume guys!

Posted by Anviltongue

I would play this for the space battles alone.  That looked like a lot of fun!

Posted by Rallier

The later game clan based PvP deep space battles must be amazing.

Posted by PJ

During that last fight Brad was mostly just flying around not shooting anybody. Probebly because he didn't have anyone selected.
BTW, anyone else had server connect problems? After I played for about 2h whout any problems it suddenly started kicking me of the server all the time(4 times in 10min or so) saying shit like Server is Not Responding. Well, it is a beta after all.

Posted by Emandudeguyperson

I feel like this could be the next endurance run, I really do.

Posted by MeatSim

Fleet Space Neon Lobsters, nice.

Posted by Mjolnir

Damn I wish I'd gotten one of those codes! This looks like so much fun.

Posted by ThePhilatron

some of the things in this game look awsome but i'm not sure if it will have the longevity of other mmos like WOW i mean you fight the borg right at the start whats after that? sigh wish i had a beta key
Posted by mrsmiley

that was awesome! great final battle. brad... good job. :)

Posted by kenya24

Anybody know what the computer's specs were that this game was played on at giant bomb? I got a quad core with a 8800GT (at 1920x1200) and i don't think mine runs quite as smooth.

Posted by Mechanized

Can't wait to see the next one. I keep playing along with the videos, either a few quests ahead or behind.

Posted by MattQ

Dudes need to turn up the volume on your recordings, I can barely hear you speak.

Posted by MAST
@kenya24 said:
" Anybody know what the computer's specs were that this game was played on at giant bomb? I got a quad core with a 8800GT (at 1920x1200) and i don't think mine runs quite as smooth. "
That's really weird. It should run just fine for you on that setup. I have a significantly less powerful system then what you have, and mine runs just fine.
Posted by wibby

WOW, your videos are getting quieter  and  quieter !!! 
Posted by Cirdain


Posted by dagas

I thought the game was hard so I hoped to get some tips from here, but I'm sad to say Brad plays even worse than I do. How do they expect someone to be able to fight 20 battleships alone (that happened to me once).

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

So far this game looks pretty damn good. I might have to fork over another $200 for a permanent account.

Posted by kenya24
@MAST: For the record, it was hounding me to update the drivers (not that they're more than a few months out of date, since I did a re-install with windows 7). I did that last night, haven't run the game since. I also haven't tweaked any visual settings, just whatever it detected or defaulted to. Maybe I'm just used to MW2 on the xbox locked at 60fps now...
Posted by Coleslaw893

Vager's comment at the end was epic.

Posted by Sneakybadger

UGGGH i just preordered this on steam.................................. so much for revision. 
btw my middle name is definatly gonna be Tunoku

Posted by JJOR64

Wrong game........

Posted by Kaigan
There are currently 3477 keys remaining for this giveaway.
There're still plenty of keys floating around if you want in, brethren.
Posted by Myrmidon

I love this series. It's a rollercoaster of emotion - from Brad driving way too fast, to watching comrades die before your glassy fish-like eyes. Such beautiful despair.

Posted by Kombat

Brad isn't good at games. 
But I still love him.

Posted by Milkman

After spending some time with this game, it seems pretty alright. My only complaints are the ship controls are really wonky. The ship combat looks awesome but actual firing your weapons and trying to maneuver is really tough. The ground combat is much better if a tad simple. But that's probably because I only have a couple skills so far. On the contrary though, all the menus and stats are extremely complicated and seem very inaccessible. Most of time in Star Trek Online was similar to all my time with Eve Online where I'm just saying "WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS MEAN?!" Obviously, this is something that will get better with time but one of the most important things about MMOs, as World of Warcraft has proven, is accessibility and I feel that STO might alienate some people.
Overall, though, I'm liking it. The shooting feels fun, especially for a MMO. And its got a very action-y feel which is especially welcome with MMOs. Cryptic also did a great job of nailing the Star Trek vibe. I doubt I'll be playing after the beta but for a game that I thought looked real bad, it was a pleasant surprise.

Posted by eduardo
@kenya24 said:
" @James0890 said:
"  I'd be so much more excited about this game if it wasn't an MMO, I'd love to play a good single player role playing Star Trek game. "
I agree "
Star Trek KOTOR? I'd play that!
Posted by ThePhilatron
@Kaigan said:
" @Mjolnir: 
There are currently 3477 keys remaining for this giveaway.  There're still plenty of keys floating around if you want in, brethren. "

where would said keys be? the star trek online web site says most are spoken for. though i still hope to be getting one from icngamers.com i was 1271 post for 1500 keys but nearly 2 days of waiting and no key in my email :(
Posted by Kaigan
@ThePhilatron: Dunno what the policy is with links, but since I'm such a great guy, I'm willing to go through purgatory just for you.
Posted by Evilsbane

The main thing that is wrong with this game is I have no idea what in the hell leveling up does, I don't know where to focus my skill points it is really confusing, not as bad as Eve though Jesus that game makes me cringe and its not from a lack of playing games nothing makes any sense!