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Posted by Astroduck

Woah! A cover based third person shooter with Slo-mo and explosive barrels! I am left speechless.

Posted by Rxanadu

Man, this game about shooting masked dudes in the face looks really great this gen. Wonder if it'll have any surprises for me.

Edited by decko5

This looks pretty badass.

Posted by whitegreyblack

Reminds me a bit of Watch Dogs, in that it's got a very interesting game mechanic within what some would call a somewhat by-the-numbers 3rd person cover shooter. It will be very interesting to see how it turns out.

Posted by Zeeman155

This has a lot of potential, I actually really like what I see so far!

Posted by HypnoToadBrwowrowrow

Fuck it, I liked it. Looks fun. Voice acting was mediocre and the game could use more polishing up, but the core of the game was interesting enough for me to want to give it a shot.

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I can't accept that how ugly the main character is

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I think it would be great if someone released a gameplay trailer where they didn't move slowly through the level. Have the gameplay be some idiot running through the level as fast as possible while ignoring everything. You know, like most people who play games these days.


Max Payne. You should have called it Max Payne.

Posted by danlongman

Was it just me or was the framerate terrible looked like 20fps..

Posted by Supes

I think it looks interesting enough, hard to tell from such early video.

Also loved the story in Alan Wake, so if it is as good as that, I am sold. Just hope it is out on PC at some point, as no xbxox one yet, and not too pushed to grab one either.

Posted by BradSF

Pretty good showing IMO. Still not going to sell me an XBOX One but it will certainly be a game I will check out whenever I decide to get one. Lot's of Alan Wake vibes even though this seems to have a little more action.

Posted by therepublicanguy

Looks great can't wait to play it! Lets hope to better than max Payne 3...

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@vitor said:

@horseman6 said:

This doesn't look a whole lot better visually than Alan Wake. I was also hoping that Remedy would finally do something more story focused and cut down on the action by quite a bit. A Remedy Twin Peaks game would be great.

Aaaaaaaaaaand you're crazy.

Go back and play Alan Wake at its 600p resolution on Xbox and then tell me this games doesn't look significantly better. Hell, I've plated Alan Wake maxed out on PC at 1080 and, while it's a gorgeous game it's still very much of its time.

I get people's concerns about the gameplay but seriously? You have some seriously rose tinted glasses there.

Yeah, I just got to Alan Wake in my backlog early this summer. This game's graphics are miles above Alan Wake, if you think they look remotely on the same level you probably have serious eye problems.

And yeah the gameplay looks pretty boring, just because I can freeze time and it looks really cool doesn't change the fact that I'm basically doing the same shit 100 other games have done to death. The coolest part of the demo was when he was checking out the lady screaming at the cop, then he just zooms right by them to fight some dumb lookin time soldiers.

I hope they do more with the time manipulation than just set-pieces and gimmicky cover based shooting.

Posted by TeflonToken

hopefully its good.

Posted by Glottery

I'll still play a good enough 3rd person shooter with neat visual tricks and such, even if it doesn't do anything terribly original. Or well, I would, if it wouldn't be an exclusive. Perhaps on PC some day...

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@branthog said:

A game where you hide behind crates and barrels while you shoot dudes. Finally. *sigh*

To be fair, taking cover during firefights is what happens in real life ones too, so dont expect that to change in games anytime soon, theres not much people can actually do these days to change up gunplay in games. Also this isnt all the game is about, there are other parts to it aswell...

Posted by SASnake

@code601 said:

Press X to throw car and win fight. Lame ass game-play mechanic.

That seemed like the only car he could do it with, which means it most be a trigger trap, like alot of games have these days. Where you can line an enemy up to a certain point and trigger something to kill them.

Posted by TrashMustache

this enemies are not even fighting back, why are games so pussy, yes ofcourse we have that one mainstream hardcore souls game, everything else is just, why does every shooter have to have tag mode, slow mo mode, it's like everything is made so damn easy?

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Although I'll probably still end up playing this game - I mean, come on, it's Remedy- I can't say that this video's made be feel any better about that.

Edited by JuggaloAcidman

The player charecter looks like Mayhem from those insurance commercials. Time based mechanics in video games have been done before. Monarch is a dumb name for badguys unless your The Venture Bros. I would much rather have another Alan Wake game. So far, not a fan of what they've shown.

Posted by Rekt_Hed

Looks good. The only title that makes me want to own a new xbox.

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