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Stoked for this

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America is best because:

  1. Free Eagles
  2. Free Democracy
  3. Freedom
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Freedom costs a buck oh five

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sweet surprise stream.

edit: Actually, I think I remember Jeff mentioning something about a livestream on ILM but whatever, sweet nonetheless.

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So sad i didnt get to watch this live. :(

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Giantbomb.com Brought to You In Part By: Perfect Dark Zero

Back of the box quotes


-Jeff Gerstmann

"Oh, it's worth 3 dollars. I hear you sucking in air back there"

-Bradley Shoemaker

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America, fuck yeah!

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Finally, some ROTT action on GB! :D

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Drews haircut is the best thing that has happened in a long time.

Rock your new dew drew.

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Freedom Isn't Free

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Haircut Drew!

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Jeff using scrub Smoke tactics and getting punished. That's freedom.

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Freedom isn't free you guys

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Drew Scanlon: Real American Hero

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If it weren't for the awful aiming control, PDZ wouldn't be a terrible game.

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CoD: Ghosts ain't got shit on Rise of the Triad.

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random bit of cloud connected there at the end of cs.

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rock solid stream guys.

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Was that guy in the Crash Time part the voice actor for Adachi doing a really bad accent? Or am I only hearing what I want to hear.

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I'm so proud to live in a country where people can FREELY play games about ping pong while spreading the FREEDOM to watch it to the rest of the Internet.

Good thing this isn't a Premium video or one might think it's communist!

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Woah, I didn't even know the PC version of Mortal Kombat was out already, awesome.

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@csl316: is anyone going to tell him how communism works?

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On a dare back in high school I slid across the hood of my '89 Corolla and jumped into the driver's seat through the open window. Both executed flawlessly.

If only cell phones with cameras existed then.

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I don't think Perfect Dark Zero looks as awful as they're saying, graphically speaking. I think design wise it's awful and ruined everything I liked about Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark was cool. Joanna Dark was English. And somehow it controlled better.

I always thought it was weird they went in this direction. Joanna Dark went from a strong, female English character so a sexualised, cartoony, American teenager.

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@csl316 said:

I'm so proud to live in a country where people can FREELY play games about ping pong while spreading the FREEDOM to watch it to the rest of the Internet.

Good thing this isn't a Premium video or one might think it's communist!

Uh...yeah...about that...nope.

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Drew's calling the shots now.

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Year of the Dog

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Where be Ryan?

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Oh, hell yeah! Crash Time returns! Visually it has at least improved, but otherwise...fortunately not!

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It's ok Jeff, I liked UT 3 too!

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You could call it.... "The Fore of July"

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So this is just a free Unprofessional Fridays? Unprofessional Freedays?


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Drew is still essentially selling video from the Internet to people.

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This is the second coming of Jesus Christ Crash Time

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Holy shit! Whaaa?!

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Just being free and playing some games. Which games? I dunno, some games, whatever. Pick one, and if it breaks or bores, move on to the next. An even looser schedule than UPF. Live stream of consciousness.

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No video is more American than this:

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Heh, never thought I'd see my favorite GunGame server (well from the same clan since I play on the CSS server) on a GB stream. And if you read this Jeff, if you open the console right after you die it'll list all the damage you dealt to people.

I don't know if CS:GO has these servers, but I also recommend trying out minigame servers (maps usually start with "mg" if you wanna use the map search feature). There are platforming apps, dodgeball maps, pirate ship battles (not kidding), shit I can't even describe, etc. They're insanely fun and super varied.

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Love how noone picked up on Jeff's terrible ROTTen pun. :D