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Posted by rick9109

This looks awesome.

Posted by Domeuhlome

hmmm I'm liking this game.

Posted by godofgaming

It looks interesting, but I have a feeling the community will just die a week after its out 
Posted by Branthog

They should mix this game with 1 vs 100 to produce a game that can be played like normal any time, but then as a spectator sport with announcers at least one night a week for a couple hours. Some good commentary and some prizes and perhaps choosing the live players based on their performance during the non-broadcast rest of the week could be pretty interesting.

Posted by mewarmo990

The start screen had me thinking this was a TF2 ripoff, but this game actually looks fun and somewhat original. I'm just worried about the replay value - there's no reason to buy it if the multiplayer community is dead a few months after release, like in Blur.

Posted by Uberjannie

Problem with Live Arcade titles is that people stop playing it after one week :(
But this looks pretty sweet, and I am thinking about getting it. But if I do want to get it I would havet to buy and play it the first week, otherwise there wouldn't be anyone to play against :(

Posted by ThePantheon

Anyone who thinks that "aiming down the sights increases your accuracy!" is a "pro tip" should never be allowed to play a game again.

Edited by Hadoken101

It looks cool, my fears that there will be a weak community seems to be shared by loads of people. And to those saying it's a TF2 ripoff, it looks WAY more like any hero arena game like DotA or LoL. Just because it's a class-based shooter doesn't mean it's a rip off :/

Posted by Fritzerbacon

YA! High sensitivity and inverted! FTW

Posted by Besetment

 I haven't even played the video and I see "Uber entertainment" giving a "pro tip." These guys sound pretty xtreme, bro. When do we get to pwn some n00bs?
I'll pass.

Posted by derO23

Looks like fun. Hate waiting for another week.

Posted by MeatSim

You lost me at inverted controls. 

Posted by Krenor

this is like DotA and TF2 put together, very interesting game

Posted by MachoFantastico

Looks like it could be fun, especially with friends.... plus BACON!

Posted by ZombieHunterOG


Posted by Andorski

Why is that piece of bacon giving a high five to a vibrator?

Posted by Hecstafa

I stand in solidarity with inverted control users.

Posted by Example1013

I think this game would be fun to play, if only to bitch slap people playing Sniper.
Too bad I don't have a 360.

Posted by DJKommunist

Well these guys sound thrilled
Posted by Mordi

Looks really nice.

Posted by DG991

This looks like a good game. 

Posted by ProfessorEss

If these two dry-ass dudes were the in game match commentators I would purchase this game, no questions asked.

Posted by NutForest

I really didn't expect much but this looks rather good. I'm picking this one up in a week or so.