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Oh WIll, you silly silly person you.  

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@Skooky said:
" @BlazeHedgehog said:
" Something is wrong with the mic on Ryan's camera. The crackling is REALLY annoying, especially to a guy like me that uses headphones all the time. "
As a guy who uses headphones all the time, I have no idea what you're talking about. "

Really? I started noticing it just before E3. When the volume peaks a certain way, I hear horrific crackling. Even turning my volume down doesn't seem to help. I can still hear the crackling (though obviously, at a reduced volume). It doesn't happen in any other GiantBomb video except ones where Ryan is using his handheld camera. Opening it up the audio in Goldwave, these are the parts I hear the crackling the most:

That is during time 0:30-0:36. Usually during volume spikes, and it seems primarily through the left speaker. I'm wearing a set of decent Sennheiser headphones so I would think I'd be getting good sound quality out of them, and it only started happening in the last couple weeks or so (and again, only on these very specific GiantBomb videos with Ryan and his handheld camera). It made a couple E3 videos almost unwatchable for me. Plus, if it was my headphones, one would expect I could eliminate the effect by turning the volume down - but that is definitely not the case. The crackling sound definitely gets quieter with the rest of the audio when I turn the volume down, but it never goes away.
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Where the wireless things are....TERRIBLE.

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 I wonder what kind of tv JEFF has?

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@magpie4life said:
"  I wonder what kind of tv JEFF has? "
It looks a lot like my Sharp Aquos, particularly the input switching
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This makes me just want to wait until they release a core slim system, then. I don't need wi-fi (I prefer wired connections) and definitely don't need a hard drive (a 16GB flash drive will do me just fine), so I guess waiting to see if they release a core version by the holidays will save me at least $100.

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Are you guys still gonna take apart the poncho?

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@Food said:
" i wonder if the old wireless adapter is compatible "
MS said during E3 that if you need better reception you can just use the old external adapter.
One difference - which has been driving me fucking nuts today - is that the external adapter supported 5 Ghz networks IIRC, whereas the internal wifi only supports 2.4 GHz.
As I have just found out after an hour or two of connection hassles.
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The EXTREME close up of Will was the most terrifying thing I've ever seen.

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Ha-haa! "Where the wireless things are", I see what you did there. It's this kind of comedy gold you just dont get on Kotaku or 1up! ;)
Interesting video though, good solid informations!

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and knowing is half the battle

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whiskey media 4 life mother lickers!!  some of the best web content you will find anywhere

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I thought Will was black.

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Rock it Real!

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I hope there's so much fire!
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They should have gone to the Memory screen from System Info with the hard drive out.  They might have seen something which I don't believe I've heard people talk about. 
I think the new XBoxes all have internal memory units with a few gigs of space on them.  Any one seen this?

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Duder! Jeff with a beard!

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@clubsammich said:
" @SuperSambo said:
" @gunslingerNZ said:
" I'm surprised Will is pulling apart his own Xbox. He's obviously a lot more confident in putting it back together than he was with the iPad! "
And the iPad is MUCH more expensive. "
If anything he could say that the 360 was rare, but thought "nah forget it, yo homes to Bel-Air!". "
Hahahaha this comment is win.
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@BlazeHedgehog: I have not run into any crackling either, and I use headphones. Very strange.
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lol Mr. Smith is tweakin.

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@Rolyatkcinmai said:
" @BlazeHedgehog: I have not run into any crackling either, and I use headphones. Very strange. "
This. I have never had crackling on the videos.
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Will Smith is my favorite person at WM :D

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Totally have that TV

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Crank this fucker up indeed!

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so is there a regular usb plug on the wifi "adapter" ? 
you should plug it into a PC and see what Windows recognizes it as

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Will Smith is a dick to the GB crew. 

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Will Smith as an awesome beard.