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Edited by SuperLuigiBros

This looks no where near as good as the original. Also, the original game had big eggs that Yoshi could hardly throw, so what's going on here?

Posted by Alyssia

I enjoyed the original. This looks incredibly similar. Where is the new?

Posted by Chaser324

I'm just going to continue to hold out hope that this game is far better than it appears in these videos.

Edited by primalmaster

what's with the jumping sound yoshi makes, it sounds weird.

Posted by paulunga

What side? I'm not sure there's a big debate here, the original is undoubtedly a classic. This looks somewhat uninspired. But hey, that's exactly what I thought about A Link Between Two Worlds before it came out.

Posted by Fitzgerald

Team Patrick! (although this game will probably not be as good as the first SNES game)

Posted by Pr1mus

Team Jeff.

Yoshi's island is hot garbage!

Posted by Beb

@pr1mus said:

Team Jeff.

Yoshi's island is hot garbage!

Did not like the original. This game does not look good either.

Posted by MatthewSerious

Team Brad.

As in this should be the new Breaking Brad where he has to play one-handed.

Posted by AMyggen

@paulunga: ALBTW trailers looked really good though, this looks...meh. But I guess we'll have to wait and see. Still, they're not doing a good job showing this game off in trailers so far.

Posted by mrcraggle

I loved the original when I was a kid. I loved the way it looked and especially how it played but this just looks so meh for lack of a better word. The game play looks roughly the sane though perhaps less frantic but the new graphical style is so boring. It reminds me more of the one on the N64, you know, the one everyone hated.

Posted by weegieanawrench

Well, I predicted that this will be Jeff's game of the year, so I'm on both sides?

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

What happens if Jeff loves this and Patrick hates it?

Posted by mrsmiley

This new game looks boring, but it's from the bad trailers, not the graphical style. Go back and look at the original, the graphical styles are very similar. The problem is, the trailer isn't showing us anything new or interesting. The original game had tons of different level gimmicks and one-time only types of levels that kept things interesting, even if the bosses were all pretty lame. I'm hoping they are keeping the trailers generic so we are surprised once we actually play the game.

Posted by RE_Player1

Looking forward to this game being garbage like every other game in this series.

Posted by Cordiss

The pre-rendered style is a real turn-off. I was a big fan of the SNES game and its style, but this doesn't come close. Maybe it looks better scaled down to 3DS screen resolution, not sure if that will fix the bland look of the thing though.

I guess handdrawn sprites we're too expensive make, which is a real shame.

Posted by redwing42

@pr1mus said:

Team Jeff.

Yoshi's island is hot garbage!

Sorry Patrick, but this all day.

Edited by TooWalrus

I'm a big fan of the original, but something about this looks... hugely unappealing. Maybe it's just the music that's bugging me, not sure.

Posted by Signus

This still reminds me a lot more of Yoshi's Story than a proper Yoshi's Island. I don't know if that's necessarily a bad thing, but that's how I feel.

Edited by Lausebub

I feel like Patrick and Jeff will share sides this time around. Yoshi's New Island, from everything we've heard and seen so far, looks rather generic and closer to the DS game than the original for the SNES in terms of quality. The development team in charge of this actually consists mostly of people that were also involved with Yoshi's Island DS and that game was... not that great.

Posted by BuddhasEarlobe

I feel a disconnect between the background and the foreground. I'm not a game maker guy but I feel the game would be cooler and less disjointed if the foreground was in the style of the hand drawn, pastel-ness that the background looks like it's comprised of.
Though I guess it could also be a problem of asset generation or making it clear of what is Interactable.

Posted by TheMasterDS

I'm crazy because I think Yoshi's Story is better than Yoshi's Island as Yoshi's Island is 2/3s crap platformer and 1/3 pointless collecting that is completely unconnected to the crap platforming whereas Yoshi's Story really leans into the pointless collecting in a way that makes it work. There's nothing special about Yoshi's Island.

This new Yoshi's Island looks dull. I don't like the look of it. I don't think I'll buy it.

Posted by soulcake

I choose the Switzerland option.

Edited by cannedstingray

I might be dead inside, but i cannot get excited -AT ALL- about Nintendo releasing games with the same basic ideas and the same IP that they have been using for decades. C'MON make something new please!! Enough side scrolling platformers. The original Zelda blew my mind. I would happily buy a game with a new character in a new setting that had nothing to do with Mario,Luigi, Toad, Yoshi Donkey Kong or any other existing Nintendo IP. Go out on a limb try something new Nintendo, I wanna buy something from you just give me a reason..

Also that music sounds like it came from Sesame Street

Posted by MeatSim

I am okay with Yoshi, but Baby Mario is dumb so Team Jeff.

Posted by goldenphallus

What happens if Jeff loves this and Patrick hates it?

the world would be right if this happened

Edited by BooDoug187

I hope jeff does the quick look for this alone, and all the audio is of Jeff groaning and mumbling how much he hates this.

Posted by vikingdeath1

I didn't love the original, but for some reason I want to give this new one a shot...

Whose team am I on?

Posted by Benmo316

Normally 3DS game trailers look awful but with that art style it looks even worse in my opinion. But I can't help but smile every time Yoshi makes that noise while jumping or when he "boing hop" smashes downwards. Sorry Patrick. #TeamJeff

Posted by BeachThunder

Team Jeff.

Posted by GunstarRed

For all the breezily cheerful music that trailer left me incredibly agitated. When the hell is Kirby Triple Deluxe coming out here!!!!!!???!

Posted by sunsetstreek

Team Patrick.

I make no exaggerations when I say the original Yoshi's Island is my favorite game of all time.

Edited by Trilogy

Jeff Gerstmann wouldn't know a good video game if it slapped him in his dumb, non good video game appreciating face. Team patrick/Yoshi's island wins.

The jury is still out on this new one, however.

Posted by MandrewSandwich

Woo! Yoshi's Island was my first GBA game and I fell in love with it. #TeamPatrick

Posted by mageemagoo

team scoops duh

Posted by DevourerOfTime


Posted by ninjalegend

I liked Yoshi's Island. I do think it was more a product of me picking it up for 5 bucks in a reduced blockbuster bin when I was all about the PS1. The great 16 bit Nintendo controls and level design was a breath of fresh air after playing so many games where developers are trying to figure out the new 3D space. I could look past the overly saccharine soaked graphics and music because there was not much else like it to choose from. Now it is using it's toddler music and graphics theme as a hook with a sea of competition. Team Patrick on the first Yoshi's Island. Team sanity on this one. PASS.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

It looks like shitty Clayfighters characters.

Posted by RazielCuts

It's like every time I hear the sound effects from this I'm having a 'Nam flashback, and I actually kinda liked the original. And thank God they don't have crying baby Mario in these, that would just send me over the edge.

Posted by super_machine

I wish nintendo would stop putting "new" in so many titles. No shit its new, but in two years that name is going to sound old. Probably going to buy this though. I have fond memories of the original game.

Posted by ripelivejam

@soulcake: what makes a man turn neutral? *shakes head*

Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations

I predict that Jeff loves it an Patrick hates it.

Posted by rmanthorp

I'm just going to continue to hold out hope that this game is far better than it appears in these videos.


Posted by RetroVirus

It's like every time I hear the sound effects from this I'm having a 'Nam flashback, and I actually kinda liked the original. And thank God they don't have crying baby Mario in these, that would just send me over the edge.

I just keep being reminded of Smash Bros. from the sound effects.

Edited by hollitz

Won't play it but will side with Patrick because Jeff hates good games.

Posted by BasketSnake

Kiddie game! Who likes that baby? I'd much rather play super hardcore games like Double Dragon!

Posted by Bollard

When are they going to make a sequel to a good Mario game.

Posted by Chaser324

@chaser324 said:

I'm just going to continue to hold out hope that this game is far better than it appears in these videos.


To be fair, I was extremely underwhelmed by all of the Link Between Worlds trailers, and that game ended up being fantastic. I hope Yoshi can pull off the same feat.

Posted by Shtinky
@pr1mus said:

Team Jeff.

Yoshi's island is hot garbage!

That's a team that hates Super Metroid as well; no thanks.

Edited by Pastabasta

I'm usually a Jeff fanboy but damn I love Yoshi's Island! Patrick, lead the way!

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