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Vigilante 8 arcade is a mulitplayer focused version of the Original game and it's sequel. Vigilante 8 Arcade features content from both the Original title and it's follow up, Second Offense. There are only 5 arenas, and they have been remade with a new physics engine so that they are fully rendered and destructable. The developer has promised it's fans that downloadable content will continue to make the game bigger.

Arenas Included

Oil Fields
Meteor Crater
Ski Resort
Hoover Dam

Vigilantes and Coyotyes Included

  • Convoy
    with the "Mammoth"
  • John Torque with the "Jefferson"
  • Dave with the "Groovan"
  • Chassey Blue with the "Piranha"
  • Sid Burn with the "Manta"
  • Boogie with the "Leprechaun"
  • Molo with the "Incarcerater"
  • Beezwax with the "Stag"
  • Y the Alien with the "Saucer"

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