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 A beautiful Viking ship
The Vikings were the seafaring people from Scandinavia in the period of 800 to 1050 AD. They were known for their skill as seamen, and with the support of their sturdy ships they were able to trade goods as far north as Russia and as far south as Turkey. Vikings are mostly known for their courage in battle, at one time conquering much of England. Contrary to popular belief, Vikings did not sport horns on their helmets.
The Vikings did not have the technology to make high quality swords, but would often buy these in continental Europe.

Women's Rights

Women in a Viking village had some right in marriage, which was quite something for the time. Typically they were entitled to the keys of their house, and were responsible for it. A Viking woman was allowed to divorce her husband if she was mistreated.
These rights largely disappeared when Christianity was spread by force throughout all of Scandanavia in general and Norway in particular.


  • The Vikings have inspired a subgenre of heavy metal music, known as Viking Metal.

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