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Whirim isn't the starter pinata?! 0

If your one of the many who didn't play the original Viva Pinata or find that it's just a child's game, you really don't know what your missing. Though now's your chance to see what this whole thing is about with Rare's sequel to the first: Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise.Viva Pinata is all about taking care of a garden full of Pinata pets with focus on collecting them and making them romance. Like a real garden, you'll also be able to grow many different types of plants and decorate it with va...

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For everyone! 0

This is as good as it gets for an anyone and everyone type of game. As you can see on its home page Brad put in an awesome review for this game. I was like most people at first. "Not my type of game" I would say... then my girlfriend made me get it so she could try it out. I never gave it anymind what so ever. Was I dumb or what! After seeing her dump hours into it... she went to sleep and I went in and gave it a shot. And as the story goes she awoke to find me having a blast with the game. We w...

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Lambs to the slaughter 0

Viva Piñata : Trouble In Paradise : A gardening game on the Xbox 360. The biggest new feature in this game is online play, and I shutter to think of the racism a game about piñatas inspires on the bigot breeding ground that is Xbox Live. Story : Professor Pester hates happy things, and has begun a crusade against happy things by waging a very subdued war on pinatakind. Along the way, he destroys some kind of database of marginal importance and you’re asked to rebuild it. Well, you don’t have to,...

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It's VP 1.5 but still very enjoyable, highly recommended. 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Unique game that's a good break from shooters/action/driving games- Amazing depth, it's no kiddie game that most people think it is- Local Co-op is a plus as well as play for fun mode especially when playing with your kids- Controls are well done and make sense, there should be a way to modify sensitivity/speed- Graphics are quite good and pinatas can be hilarious when ...

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Gardening Crossing Plus+ 0

The sequel to 2007's Viva Pinata, Trouble in Paradise makes enough tweaks and improvements to justify a new release: including structured challenges, an improved user interface and some novel co-op features. Essentially a garden and zoo simulator, Viva Pinata requires players to develop a virtual garden to entice and breed cute Pinata creatures. The game employs a food chain so that you must carefully balance the plants and Pinatas in your garden to attract higher species.  The cute visuals and ...

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Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise Review 0

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise is the new release into the Viva Pinata universe. You will once again need to cultivate the land growing rare and common plant life, attract and now also capture pinatas to add to your garden, compete in competitions, and completely quests.Viva Pinata is a colorful and fun game whose graphics don't neccesarily push the envelop but look pleasing to the every day person. Each Pinata is unique in design, and this time around some of them can be outright humungous. T...

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Trimming the Rose Busdhes 0

Viva Pinata was a cultural hit among gamers but sadly didn't get the praise it deserved from the public outside of forums due to poor release strategy (same time as Gears of War), so to see a sequel is a great surprise, and a welcome one too.The problem with sim games is that sequels are very hard to do differently to their predacessor as game mechanics will always be familiar. So with VP: TIP we got what we came to expect from a VP sequel, more pinatas. The new 28 pinata are what makes this gam...

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Fun, but gets old fast 0

ProsGreat artistic graphics Fun and first Great animations of the animals Good variety of things to put in garden Creative (and funny) pinata names, and looks Sounds of the pinatas, and background noise are good ConsGets old very fast.  Can become more complicated than it should be when its a game aimed towards kids.  PresentationCamera and navigation works well. 3.5/5GraphicsArtistic design is great. Could be slightly more details but still great.3.5/5GameplayFound it amazingly fu...

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