hellknightleon's Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (Xbox 360) review

For everyone!

This is as good as it gets for an anyone and everyone type of game. As you can see on its home page Brad put in an awesome review for this game. I was like most people at first. "Not my type of game" I would say... then my girlfriend made me get it so she could try it out. I never gave it anymind what so ever. Was I dumb or what! After seeing her dump hours into it... she went to sleep and I went in and gave it a shot. And as the story goes she awoke to find me having a blast with the game. We went back and forth building are own paradise. I had my crab ponds and she had her crazy rare pinatas. The game makes you share money and other stuff between gardens but being as it was my girlfriend this was an awesome mechanic. I can't say how much I liked this game. The game can be super hard and at times. Check it out, its cheap and super awesome. Your not going to be sorry.


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    Viva Piñata : Trouble In Paradise : A gardening game on the Xbox 360. The biggest new feature in this game is online play, and I shutter to think of the racism a game about piñatas inspires on the bigot breeding ground that is Xbox Live. Story : Professor Pester hates happy things, and has begun a crusade against happy things by waging a very subdued war on pinatakind. Along the way, he destroys some kind of database of marginal importance and you’re asked to rebuild it. Well, you don’t have to,...

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