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Viva Pinata Review by Alli 0

Viva Piñata from Rare Ltd. is by far the most adorable game ever created in video game history. I know you might be thinking, what about Spyro, Elebits, or even Nintendogs? Believe me, they don’t even come close. I admit the little creatures from Pikmin are quite cute, but the animals in Viva Piñata are so adorable that even the most hardened criminal who registers as a level 22 on Dr. Stones Scale of Evil wouldn’t disagree.The gameplay can be compared to that of the Sims in the sense that you a...

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Viva Pinata 0

Viva Piñata is a completely original game; it just can't be classified into the same genre as any 'pet' or 'gardening' game that has come before it. The game starts with you receiving a small, run-down patch of land which you will turn into your garden and as you'd expect as the game goes on you'll gain access to more space and various other things to help make your dream garden. You'll be able to grow grass, care for plants and trees, make ponds, fill your garden with all sorts of objects, make...

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Love this game! 0

Keeps you entertained for hours. It's so addicting that I stay up late to tend to my garden! It's been a while since I played this game. I will share more tips after playing it again! Make sure you  keep your pinatas happy and send them to many parties as possible. Their value goes up everytime you send them out to parties and upgrade them with accessories :)...

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Viva Pinata is a fun trip through a virtual garden of delights. 0

Rare's latest gaming creation, Viva Pinata, is a leisurely game that gives you a spade and assigns you a plot of land, a tabula rasa of untouched earth for which you must mould a paradise, an ecosystem that will cultivate life and attract Pinata wildlife.Like all great open-ended games, Viva Pinata presents a vivid, strikingly beautiful world that very easily ensconces you in its embrace - and constantly rewards you with new discoveries, pinatas and charming design.The basic premise is very simp...

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Viva Piñata Review 0

It's sad to say it, but this game is addicting as hell. However, that's coming from a person who's played a lot of Sims games.Viva Piñata is basically a simulation game based off of what I think is some kind of cartoon. You take care of a garden and try to attract many forms of animal-like piñatas. At the same time, you must keep track of how much space you have in your garden and what type of things you need in it. While this is going on, evil piñata creatures invade your garden and can cause s...

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A sweet snack to pass the time 0

    I'd like to start by saying however your friends might disagree this game is a fun energetic game that any gamer should not fell ashamed to play while on xbox live.     The game has some of the best graphics currently on the xbox, from the nice water engine to the draw distance the game is incredibly inviting to the eye. The core game play does have flaws but game is still a deep and rewarding experience that gets me all giddy inside trying to get that darn chewnicorn. There is a great varie...

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Its keeps all of its colorfulness and charm from the 360, There a 0

Viva Pinata first came out on the 360 a year or two and a little later found its way to the PC. The PC verison is one of a few titles that actully uses the game of windows features which add all the thing like achievements and so on. Mark my words when i say this just cause the game looks a little kiddy should not turn you away. Viva Pinata is one of the most enjoyable and frustrating games out on the market today. When you start your giving a patch of land where u have to turn it into a place ...

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A cute, sandbox-style game that's surprisingly fun and addictive. 0

                One part cutesy kids’ show, three parts sandbox-style, open-ended gameplay, and two parts pure, uncut crack cocaine.  That’s Viva Piñata. The comparisons are evident in the game, and they are everywhere in the reviews:  Animal Crossing.  The Sims.  Harvest Moon.  Viva Piñata takes some of the best aspects of these games and creates something not necessarily innovative, but purely addictive.  Viva Piñata seems innocuous enough, and its colorful design and apparent kiddy demographi...

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A Game That Should Not Be Judged By It's Cover.. =) 0

Viva Pinata lets you take control of what starts of to be a small bit of dead land, but as soon as you plant your first bit of grass and whack your shovel for the first time... your garden is becoming better by the second.Viva pinata is a very fun game for all ages, despite it's aimed at young children its very easy to pick up the controller and loose yourself in the land of pinatas. Which is why the first day I bought it I played it all day! xD!!! The colourfellness of viva pinata can be a bit ...

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Maybe not as"filled with fun" as it could have been. 0

Viva Pinata opens with a sickeningly catchy theme song that wouldn't be out of place in a Nickelodeon Saturday morning cartoon series.  A pre-schooler's one.  It even comes with a "why not to talk to people you don't know on the internet" video in the main menu.  Despite this, the game manages to find the perfect balance on a fun for kids and adults scale, even if it does stumble a bit in the end.At first, your garden is a dusty pile of crap.  Your objective is to make as nice a garden as possib...

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viva pinata 0

Viva Pinata is a good start for rare. The graphics are great. Starting out you will find yourself emerged in the garden. The amount of things you can do is great, but micromanaging becomes a problem. When a numerous amount of pinatas get in the garden, it gets cumbersome to take care of every single things that is going on. Goals aren't really expressed clearly. Graphics are great showing the pinatas and environments. The first few hours our fun, but after you do the "romance dance" so many tim...

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Filled with fun? Filled with Fun! 0

Viva Pinata is a game for the XBOX 360 and PC which will appeal to both children and adults alike. While its colourful backdrop and cutesy visuals may turn off some more hardcore gamers (because its not manly to like animals or pretty things), the gameplay and intricacies of the game will continue dragging you in for more, sapping hours of your life as you try to get the Rashberry to get it on with the Swanana (trust me, once you play the game this will all make sense).Viva Pinata contains a loo...

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Viva PInata: a Candy-Coated Meatball 0

  I have to hand it to Microsoft and developer Rare for making a truly unique game experience designed to broaden the appeal of the shooter-centric Xbox 360. Rare taps the “gotta catch ‘em all” vein made popular with Pokemon, and Microsoft launched a Saturday morning cartoon to help market the game. Virtually every design choice reflects Rare’s desire to reach out beyond the core 18 – 34 male demographic: vibrant and whimsical characters, a garden setting, floral and pastel-heavy graphics...

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Addictive pleasure 0

Viva pinata is one of those rare games (no pun intended) that gets released. When this game was first announced people looked at this game and assumed that it was just gonna be a little kids with colourful creature and a farily basic gameplay experience. Boy, how wrong were we.In Viva Pinata you take control of your own garden. At the beginning of the game your garden looks horrible - theres junk all over the place, hard concrete with lots of cracks. Its your job to rebuild this garden to the ga...

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