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Over in a pull of the trigger... 0

Much like the movie that its based off of, Wanted: Weapons of Fate can be flash without substance many times.  Though nothing really discernible truly occurs during the events of either, you walk away feeling satisfied simply because your sensory array has been so tickled by the experience.  While it doesn't have the legs to whole-heartedly recommend as a purchase, Wanted: Weapons of Fate offers satisfying shooting with unique mechanics which make it worth at least a playthrough.The story in Wea...

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Wanted Weapons Of Fate unbias review 0

2 1/2/5 starsWanted weapons Of Fate has some really cool moments, but those cool moments get beat down by lack of replay value and a VERY short campaign. dont pay 60$ +TAX, just rent it play it for a night get some gamerscore and return it, (I got my rental for free, its called rewards members hahahahahaha)the good-*bullet-curving is really cool especially when the camera follows the bullet*acceptable story  that does fans of the comic book or fiilm justice*the suit Wesley gets at the end is coo...

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Good game, not for 60 bucks though 0

I did enjoy my experience with Wanted but I'm glad I only rented it.  I beat the game in under 5 hours but those almost five hours were pretty good.  The GoodCover System-This may be my favorite cover system out now.  You can just from cover to cover very quickly and it does make you feel pretty badass.  When you blindfire your screen with turn slightly white around the edges meaning that all the enemies are in cover and you can move through cover very quickly.  Your character moves a bit faster...

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A very brief encounter, but a pleasant one at that. 1

From beginning to end, Wanted: Weapons of Fate is straight-up, meaningless fun. It’s a fleeting cheap thrill; a sweet, sugary high. Nevertheless, it’s also a game which fails to evolve past its primordial origins, and it never really goes that extra mile or promises a unique experience. It is what it is: a nicely crafted, slick, delightful morsel of hollow entertainment, which never surprises or astounds but very rarely frustrates, either. It’s a third-person cover-based shooter – a mash-up bet...

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Wanted by whom? 0

  Title: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Genre: 3 person shooter Developer: Grin Publisher: Warner Bros. Platform: PS3 Rating: M (Mature) Product Link: Website: Source Link: Spawned from a critically acclaimed comic book miniseries, the movie Wanted was an exercise in over-the-top violence and action movie clic...

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Wanted:Weapons Of Fate epic review 1

Wanted:Weapons Of Fate is a game that views the history of the movie ''WANTED''.The game looks great and i think its an epic game.  STORY: The story is a little messy,but the story is that a woman,actually the main characters mother,gets shot while shes pregnant,and dies.The story contuines with you waking up in the wrong apartment,and looks through rooms,goes down the stairs and find swat guys searching a picture of your dead mother.And then its carnage time! GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is good,just...

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As good as it is long. 0

Wanted is a game that doesn’t conform to the traditional movie based games; it is a game that was made and released 9 months after the movie had already hit theatres, so although it was based in the same universe, it also was able to take elements from the comic book as well. The story in Wanted starts 5 hours after the end of the movie; your father is dead and the French branch of The Fraternity is in Chicago to sort out what is left of the Chicago branch. The story isn’t bad, even if it is ...

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I never though bullet bending could be so, dull. 0

At first glance Wanted: weapons of fate looks awesome. Cool ninja looking guy with gun? check, The ability to bend the path of bullets? check. An interesting story with twists and gameplay that stays fresh and cool for the entire campaign? Ugh.. no. There are a lot of problems that hold this game back from being worth more then a weekend playthrough. The first is the fact that the story in the game is.. well, very boring and the action behind it gets old about halfway through. Even though the ga...

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate 0

Based on the graphic novel and movie of the same name, Wanted; Weapons of Fate, is a truly thrilling and cinematic game experience. It is fun, action packed, very violent, has plenty of swearing and cool gunplay and the graphics look great. Its also, in Australia at least, $100 for only four-five hours of gameplay on the HARDEST DIFFICULTY.But what a five hours it is. Wanted sees you pkaying as a few key characters form the source material and throws a whole lot of dumb henchmen (who don't FLANK...

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It curves the bullet but dosen't always hit the target. Cheesy. 0

Wanted weapons of fate is probably the best movie game I have played in quite some time. (Except for Riddick) But that doesn't mean it's perfect.The story is a sequel to the movie where the main character Wesley Gibson tries to find out how his mother died and who killed her. Also you will get more back story on Cross (Wesley's father) and how he found out about the scheme behind the fraternity. All in all it isn't the best story but it's alright and gives you a bit more information to help unde...

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2 hours and 49 minutes ASSASSIN 0

2 hours and 49 minutes on ASSASSIN difficulty.....  [I just  recently quit LEFT 4 DEAD and usually got 50-70 headshots on every level on EXPERT, ONLINE!!]  My aim is pretty sweet :D!!  Ya, that's how long this game lasted and it was worth 40 bucks.  Meaning that I was paying exactly 24 cents a minute, or $2.40 for every 10 minutes of gameplay.  I feel as if half the game emulates Stranglehold and the other half leans on Gears of War.  Now that sounds pretty damn cool, but unfortunately it's all ...

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wanted 0

HI my name is willman2 has you can see but that some thing else to talk about. Ok here it is wanted is ok i think like i hoped to much for this game like it made me sad how you play this game. See i was hoping for a more tatical gameplay to it but you cud just run in gun but it gets old you known i mean it is fun and the story was grate i mean thay need to make another movie from the story of the game. But i need good gameplay so you can take this review how ever you want to and this is my first...

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review 0

Story: Wanted: Weapons of Fate places you in control of the deadly assassins Wesley and Cross, as you uncover a tangled tale of betrayal, murder, and revenge. It's story follows the events of the film, and continues to depict Wesley's transformation from ordinary shmoe to relentless killer. Wesley is greeted each night by the same dream, depicting his mothers assassination while she's holding him in her arms. And it always ends the same way….from the perspective of the killer. Early on, Wesley's...

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No Jolie, but Still Some Thrills 0

Cross posted with my site How do you make a video game based on a movie that every critic said was just like a video game? I'd assumed they'd just take the lazy, easy cash-in route and take the movie and render it in pixels and then add 10 more hours of Angelina Jolie's ass. Because somewhere there's a movie exec saying, “Come on, who wouldn't pay $60 for10 hours and 2 seconds of that?” Hopefully no one, and luckily cooler heads at developers Grin prevailed. Although it's a litt...

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Wanted is a great game really let down by it's short length. 0

ProsBullet curving mechanic is well implemented and not some easy mode instant kill button.Pretty decent visuals.Solid gunplay and cover system.ConsI finished the game in just over four hours. So it's terribly short.Team Quotes as unlockables. Who cares? Not me.I'm not familiar with the comics and the only things I remember from the movie are the keyboard "fuck you" scene and Angelina Jolie's ass but you don't really need to be familiar with either to enjoy Wanted: Weapons of FateSo you'll start...

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Can you get passed the gimmick? 0

Wanted is a decent looking shooter that borrows elements from both Max Payne and Gears of War, but is the "hook" enough to make this more than just another movie licensed game? You follow the exploits of Wesley chasing after The Immortal in this rather "by the numbers" third person shooter.  The story isn't tied to the movie, it's more of an extension.  You learn more about Wesley's mother and father and how his mother is killed.  The main villian is The Immortal voiced by and modelled after ...

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As Long As the Movie 0

 Wanted was one of my favorite movies of last year. A fast-paced and silly piece of top notch action. The game has taken a long time to come out, so it doesn't have the rub from the movie to help it out.I will say, for starters, this is one of the greatest examples of a rental. As a purchase, it's an incredibly poor idea. As a rental, it is one of the best rental titles out there.The game is short. On the medium difficulty, you'll beat the game in about 4 hours. On the highest, maybe 5 ho...

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A solid rental 0

Story:  "Wanted: Weapons of Fate" takes place 5 hours after the movie "Wanted" according to the opening cutscene.  You play as both Wesley Gibson(the main character of the film) and as Wesley's father during flashbacks which fill in a little bit of the backstory.  If you enjoyed the story of the movie then you'll probebly find the game's equally compelling, inspite of the bad writting and average voice acting.  There's only two actors from the movie that return in the game which is disapointing ...

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