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funny and innovative microgames make this game an instant hit

When i first got this game, I was a little skeptical if this game could hold its grounds. I mean, all it is is a bunch of miny games, that only take about on average 5 seconds to complete. However, once I finally began playing this game, i knew i would be hooked for a long time. The controls for this game are excellent, and each style in which you hold the controller is unique and makes the game that much more innovative. While does take a little getting used to, you'll eventually be able complete some of the most outrageous miny games you have ever seen. Gameplay wise, this game is stupendous with over 200 micro games to play, each allowing you to hold the controller in some crazy (and some times embarrasing) manner. The singplayer portion of the game is surprisingly good, with the minigames being divided into different areas that each have there own stories and will introduce you to the different styles of how to hold the controller. However, the multiplayer is where this game really shines. You will spend hours trying to beat your friends high score and will always find amusement in your friends holding the controller in the "elephant" style. However, multiplayer can only be unlocked by beating the singleplayer game, which isn't bad because you can still take turns trying the different minigames which is just as enjoyable. So, if your looking for a game that has both a great multiplayer and single player experience Warioware is it. While, it does take some getting used to, its one game that not only you can enjoy, but that the entire family can get in on as well. Either way, Warioware is one game that shouldn't be missed by anyone who has a Wii.

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