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Metroid Prime: Hunters

In Metroid Prime: Hunters, Weavel appears as one of six opposing hunters seeking the "Ultimate Power." Though his motives in searching for this power are unclear, his Space Pirate affiliation makes it obvious that he plans to use the power for no good, possibly driven by greed and a vendetta against the hunter Samus. Weavel's body was nearly destroyed in one of the Space Pirate encounters with Samus. As only his brain and spinal cord survived, the Space Pirates put him in the armored suit that he now walks around with. Now Weavel seeks revenge on Samus for the great harm she caused him.

Weavel is a selectable character in the multiplayer after the player encounters him on Alinos after recovering the second Octolith. Something of a niche character to use, Weavel takes a long time to master but can be extremely effective after all of the basics are learned. Weavel's Alt-Form is the Halfturret and his affinity weapon is the Battlehammer.


In a unique variance to the standard Alt-Form, Weavel splits himself at the waist and becomes two components. The upper half is the mobile half that crawls along the ground and lunges at opponents with a curved space pirate blade. The lower half is a stationary turret that fires an endless volley of non-affinity Battlehammer shots at any opponent within range. But the dual nature of this Alt-Form comes at a price: the top and bottom halves share hit points. When the player uses his Alt-Form, the two halves each get half of the player's current life. From then on, the two also share damage. In other words, if an opponent shoots at the bottom half, the turret takes half of the damage and the player-controlled crawler takes the other half, wherever he may be. When the player decides to turn back into Biped form, he does so wherever his crawler's current position is and ends up with the sum of the turret's hit points plus his crawler's hit points. If at any time the turret is destroyed, the player automatically reverts back to Biped form and is left with 1 HP (though at this point the player can turn into his Alt-Form again and each half will have 1 HP, reverting back will leave him with 2 HP; kind of cheating the system, but 2 HP is not enough to survive any attack anyway). This vulnerability makes the Halfturret difficult to use effectively, but the Alt-Form is not without its merits. This dual nature makes it possible for a player to set up one-man flanks by leaving the turret in one area and sneaking up behind the opponent and lunging at him as he tries to deal with the turret. The turret can also be used to alert the player of opponents coming in proximity of an important area, such as a Control Point or an affinity weapon spawn.


Weavel's Battlehammer is just a more powerful, ammo-consuming version of the other Hunters' Battlehammers. Weavel has half as many shots with his Battlehammer, but the splash damage on the weapon is equal to that of the actual shot. This boost makes taking out groups of enemies extremely easy and decimates Alt-Forms in moments. The down-side to this weapon is that the splash damage hurts Weavel too. Although this is the case with all characters using the Battlehammer, Weavel takes the full brunt of his boosted shots when he is in the splash radius. Regardless, Weavel's Battlehammer is a force to be reckoned with and opponents must maintain a great distance to avoid being struck by this wide-ranged weapon.

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