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2.25 stars 2.25/5 Stars Average score of 8 user reviews spread across 4 releases and 0 DLC

Fun and amazing 0

Game play: I have never liked mini games before even tough this game is not gonna last more than an hour its so much fun all the mini games use the wii remote very well. If you buy a wii get this game to see what the wii remote can do i spent 2 hours on this game and i liked it. The free remote is a great deal to come with the game.Graphics: The graphics are fine the colors are amazing i was satisfied with the special effects and the visuals.Sound: This game has cool music and sounds its great f...

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Unfortunately Wii Play is just way too shallow. 0

Wii Play comes packaged with a “free controller” which means the game would cost around £5 or $10 if it was being sold separately. This has to be taken into account when reviewing it because as a full priced game this wouldn’t even be worth writing about. It’s all built around nine mini-games that are all designed to showcase the controllers fundamental mechanics, ok lets go out on a limb and call this a ‘tech demo’. It’s also a chance to play with your Mii’s because we all know how addictive th...

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Want a Remote and a $10 Game? 0

Originally written July 5, 2007. I don't even think they're still selling Wii Play, but my review is here just for the sake of putting my stuff on Giant Bomb. I haven't made any big adjustments to the text in the review, but I have put in some italicized comments.   I'm sure you've heard everyone telling you things like "Wii Play is only worth it because of the free Wii remote". Well, you aren't going to hear any different here. Wii Play is the little cousin to the console pack-in, ...

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You want another controller? Don't get it this way 0

At first, Wii Play plus the controller seems like a great deal. Since a controller costs $40, why not pay just an extra $10 to get a minigame collection with it? Is the collection of minigames in the package worth the extra $10? Disappointingly, no. Each one is worth playing maybe for five minutes once or twice, and that is about it. Quite simply, you are better off just buying the controller and leaving Wii Play on the shelf.The concept of Wii Play is a good one. It includes ten minigames that ...

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A Cheap $10 Cash in that Happens to be Packed in With a Wiimote 0

Wii Play is probably the first game you get for your Wii when you pick it up. This is because it is packed in wit the Wii mote. Now, I wouldn't call this game good by any stretch of the imagination, but it probably isn't bad enough to pass up for just a plain Wii remote. On the flip side, though, there are many other $10 video games out there that are much better than this one, such as various WiiWare, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade games, and even used PS2 or Xbox games. Wii Play c...

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Wii Play Review 1

Wii Play comes with a Wiimote for an extra $10. Now a lot of critics have been bashing it as a simple tech demo, and if it didn't come with with the extra wiimote, it couldn't be sold as a game. I disagree. I would buy it if it was a stand-alone game (but at like 30 bucks.) I think that it is a good game.Wii Play has 9 games. Shooting Range is a few stages of different things to shoot at. Like ballons, UFO's, tin cans, targets, frissbee-like things, and occasionally ducks. This game is one of my...

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Wii Play is fun while it lasts... and that isn't very long. 0

Let's face it: this game is a top seller because you are getting a remote for the normal price and a game on top for a fiver. But is the game even worth a fiver? The game is fun while it lasts... but sadly, that really isn't long and the replay factor just isnt' there - not even for parties, where you would whip out something like Wario Ware: Smooth Moves.Wii Play makes a big use of the Miis and pulls it off quite well - it is fun to see your own Mii riding on the back of a cow or being told to ...

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Wii Play is a $10 game and a Wii Remote at regular price. 0

Wii Play is the game you play when you are out of your mind, drunk, or extremely bored. Some the games in Wii Play are fair to play, but it's all flash and absolutely no substance. The games are very basic and can get old very quick. I give Wii Play a 2.5/5 because you can get a better game for $10 on the Wii Shop Channel. I do feel sorry for those who do not have an Internet connection on the Wii because there is alot to miss out on. Anyways, If you are considering on buying Wii Play, keep in m...

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