AiLive Wii Motion+ Demo Video

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AiLive LiveMove2 Demonstration


How would you like to see the new technology implemented in new Wii software?  What existing franchises do you think could do with some Motion+ support and how do you think those games could utilize some of the ability you see?
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Nice but that's what the Wii should've had from the start tbh.

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Linkyshinks said:
"Grape said:
"Nice but that's what the Wii should've had from the start tbh.

Yes of course, that's what many expected, but that's easy enough to say. Consider the cost of the conventional Wii Remote as it already is ( £30 in the UK). Could Nintendo expect people to pay for a controller that would cost considerably more from the get go? (£50), on a system not yet established. The Wii user base is now up there with that of 360s and the demand for greater control is now there also. Nintendo would not have been able to get the userbase to the levels they are now if the cost was close to that of a 360. It would have lost much appeal among parents if it was.  Wii Sports was a sensation, it alone sold millions of Wii's, Wii Sports Resort will likely do the same when it's bundled with this and the wider audience see the advantages first hand in games for themselves..
And after seeing the applications for 1:1 control in a game, they will see through the BS that is all the casualized games and buy top-quality software, like Boom Blox. Bing bang boom, MotionPlus ends crap third party support.
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Wow cool

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