Dive: The Medes Island Secret (WiiWare)

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There's yet another platformer with a difference on it's way to WiiWare, and long may there be many. Cosmonaut Games are currently developing a WiiWare titles called "Dive: The Medes Island Secret", a platform game set entirely underwater. 

 Big thanks to Wii Love It.Com for the following: 

"That's right - it's not your typical platformer! Exploration, discoveries, and mazes in this game are of an underwater nature. The entire game's roots are based on the real-life locations of the Medes Islands in the center of Costa Brava in Spain. In the game, you take control of John Sanders, an explorer who takes it upon himself to uncover the mysteries of this foreign location. Legend has it that an ancient treasure lies at the depths of the Medes Islands, and this sets the stage for the events that unfold in the game. 

There are ten levels in the game and each of them are quite big in size, leaving a lot of room for the player to explore mazes and branching pathways. In each stage, players will have a designated treasure from the ancients that they'll need to look for as they traverse the game's big areas. Don't expect just mazes with an aquatic background, though. You'll even be exploring temples and ancient civilizations, and each level will even have its own visual ambience. Although levels are big, checkpoints are used sparingly to track your progress in case you run out of oxygen. The team has chosen to represent these by (what looks like) underwater mines which is a nice touch! 

Players are also able to can purchase equipment enhancements from an in-game Shop, using the money they've collected in the game. With the equipment upgrades you can manage: oxygen capacity, depth, velocity, weapons and lights. You can make improvements to your body suit, your oxygen capacity, and more. These upgrades will actually be crucial in later levels; without certain equipment, you won't be able to proceed in some areas because of the danger they pose to the player. 
Players will encounter a good variety of enemies in the game that you need to watch out for. There are jellyfish of different sizes, manta rays, eels, living organisms and more! Similar to what Abylight did in Stop Stress, the edges of the screen will turn red when you're in danger of getting hurt by an enemy. Some enemies even lurk in dark areas so you'll definitely need the use of your flashlight if you hope to survive in later levels. With each passing level, the difficulty increases in terms of the darkness of the water, as well as the number and ferociousness of the enemies.
The game overall looks like it has a lot of promise and it's clear that the minds behind this project have a very ambitious attitude towards it. Surely by now you're wondering just who is responsible for handling this project? The team responsible for this project is Cosmonaut Games, the same team responsible for 5 Spots Party! When you consider the nature of their first WiiWare project, this new project is that much more impressive! Unfortunately, because of time constraints, some ideas they originally had envisioned had to be cut. However, they are looking into re-working and adding a couple of things into the final release, such as multiple controller support. They're hoping to get the game completed and submitted to Nintendo by next month."

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The art looks nice but hopefully doesn't resemble the level structure's finest. It would have been better if it didn't even have levels but instead was an underwater Metroidvania like Aquaria. It's gonna be tough to make compelling gameplay that doesn't include either full exploration, or traditional skill based platforming (which it can't have, being underwater and all). I'm curious what they have planned for the actual gameplay to be engaging.

Edit: teaser trailer!

I know it's just a teaser but now I can't wait to see more. I'm getting an underwater Icarian (NyxQuest) vibe. Yes please.
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Via GoNintendo.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is the second game developed by Cosmonaut Games, and it will be distributed online through Nintendo’s WiiWare™ service.

“It was in the Great Medes Monastery, in 1412, where Martin I “The Humane”, leader of an Order of the Temple and long-time resident of the island, was buried. The secrets of the Order were also buried with him, where they would be sealed in the same crypt and kept through the centuries. But two hundred years later, an earthquake split the island in two and the crypt disappeared into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.” 

This is the start of the tale that will take John Sanders, the hero of the story, on an adventure through the 10 levels that make up the came “DIVE: The Medes Islands Secret”, a Platform/Action game that is rooted on the Medes Islands, a fantastic protected natural landscape located at the heart of the Costa Brava in catalonia, Spain.

Dive: The Medes Islands Secret recreates underwater scenes from 10 different real locations from around the world, with large levels filled with enemies, mazes, dangers and treasures. It contains an economic system that will enable players to exchange or upgrade their diving equipment, which is required to reach the deepest mysteries.

Key Features

These are the main features of Dive: The Medes Islands Secret

• Spectacular graphics. The marine flora and fauna have been recreated in detail, making the most of the Wii™’s graphics and storage capacities and of the WiiWare™ service.
• 3 Levels of difficulty. Three different levels of difficulty have been prepared, suited to the requirements of the players.
• 10 Levels: Accompanied by 10 different real locations. During his adventure, John Sanders will travel to the Medes Islands, Cap de Creus, Cayman Islands, Tortuga Island, Bermuda or Santorini.
• Size of the Levels: The levels are very large and filled with mazes and enemies that will make it difficult to achieve the objectives.
• Treasures: There is a wide variety, from sunken ships to ancient underwater civilizations.
• Reusability: With different objectives at each level, players can return to any one of them to complete them, lengthening the total playing time.
• Shop: Economy system and ability to manage diving equipment. Without the necessary upgrades, players will not be able to reach certain areas of the game. Players can upgrade their Wetsuit, Diving Cylinders, Fins, Speargun and Diving Torch.
• Achievements: Where the treasures and discoveries achieved by the player during the adventure can be viewed.
• Expedition Diary: Where John Sanders will reveal the different plots in the game’s story.
• Enemies of all types, from giant Octopuses to Sharks, as well as Barracudas, Jellyfish or Manta Rays.
• Use of the most relevant features of the Wii Remote™
• Orchestral soundtrack that accompanies the entire game and was composed by El Topo Negro.

From Wiiloveit.
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really nice for wiiware. 
sounds like orchestra music from DKC.

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 It looks great and sounds cool. I'll wait on reviews.    

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@Linkyshinks said:
"  It looks great and sounds cool. I'll wait on reviews.     "
Same, I hope its not endless ocean: wiiware edition
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It looks really nice.

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New trailer showing some gameplay as well as a more polished and redone version of the last teaser's footage (or maybe it's a different scene).

It looks nice except the enemies seem to just be moving environmental obstacles without real AI (as the sharks didn't follow him), but I suppose that may not apply to all of them and the challenges will be tuned around that sort of mechanic. Other than that, so far so good.
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Looks oddly compelling. I'll look forward to hearing more on this.

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This one doesn't really interest me as much. Hard to say why. I've never really liked the underwater portions of Mario either.

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I had my doubts over how atmospheric a side scroller like this can be but I think they got the look almost spot-on. I do wonder what aspects make the later game challenging though. Proper management of items like the spears? More agile enemies? I dunno, we'll have to wait and see...


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This looks like an amazing game. Ugh I am buying WAY too many games from WiiWare.

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