Help me spend 2000 Wii Points!

#1 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -

As the forum says, I need to spend 2000 Wii points that a friend gave me. I have had the Wii since its release, but I rarely play it. Therefore, I have not really kept up with many of the downloadable games that have come out. I know of several Virtual Console titles I am interested in, but I want to get some suggestions on WiiWare games. What do you think? And thanks in advance for the recommendations.

#2 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4314 posts) -

I hear Cave Story is cool

#3 Posted by DarkHeroZark (180 posts) -

Lost Winds [WiiWare] is a neat platformer in the vein of Okami.

#4 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -
#5 Posted by Winternet (8258 posts) -

Send them to me. 
Edit: I don't own a Wii.

#6 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -
@kalmis: I have World of Goo on my PC, and I will look into the Bit Trip stuff. I have played Art Style games on the DS, so I know those could be solid choices as well. Good ideas!
#7 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -
@Winternet:  This is a valid option. Should I go ahead and send you a Wii as well?
#8 Posted by GlenTennis (3266 posts) -

Cave Story, Bit Trip games are solid, and the Strongbad games are pretty neat if you have any connection to the series/like adventure games.

#9 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

Not sure about the Cave Story recommendations. Especially since the PC version is freeware

#10 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

give them to me. 
or cave story (although you could just get the free pc version) 
i heard nyxquest is good

#11 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2167 posts) -

Buy M.U.S.H.A. from the VC. 

#12 Posted by JohnnyAutoFire (372 posts) -

M.U.S.H.A and Gunstar Heros are pretty amazing.

#13 Posted by Winternet (8258 posts) -
@zombienutz: Sure. I always wanted one of those.
#14 Posted by golguin (4591 posts) -

Cave Story. I have it and it is fantastic (Hell was a bitch).

#15 Posted by AgentJ (8994 posts) -

Sin and Punishment/Cave Story

#16 Posted by abdo (1095 posts) -

BitTrip Runner, and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney in case you haven't played it before.

#17 Posted by Hypertreb (108 posts) -

You should get a Genesis game called Gain Ground on VC. Also, Secret of Mana.
#18 Posted by MushroomSamba (183 posts) -

Whether you wanna spend your Wii points on it or get it on your PC for free, you must play Cave Story if you care at all about old-school style action-platformers. It's amazing.
Otherwise, I'd also recommend Lost Winds. It's a relaxing puzzle-platformer. Sonic 4 was decent enough...still not as great as the classic 1-3, S&K, but it's still good to burn a few hours on. Mega Man 9 and 10 are some of the best 8-bit Mega Man games you'll play. And Yet It Moves is another fun puzzle-platformer game and has some of the most interesting use of Wii motion controls yet.

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