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Wild Arms should please most RPG fans

I can understand that many gamers of the late 90's were pretty exhausted and displeased with the over-saturation of JRPGs. There were simply, the RPGs that were good and stood out from the pack (ex. Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger) and the other 75% that fell flat because nothing really stood out about them. After all, there's only so much you can do with an RPG game right?  
Enter Wild Arms, where nothing about the game is earth-shattering, or ground-breaking. However this game is just an exceptionally well done game, with that same RPG splendor that fans of the genre yearn for. Where this game truely shines is it's complex story, and the excellent way that it tells it. The set-up for the game is pretty generic (demons are threatening to take over the world), but don't get me wrong, the execution of the story is phenominal. You actually must play through side-missions to learn about each of the three characters, and complete their own small stories to bring them all together to face a common evil.  
For me, this game represents one of the first RPGs I ever got into, and understood. Me being a little kid and all, I actually felt like I knew this game world and it's story very well, and it's one that I thought about a lot outside of playing. Mind you, not everything about this game is influenced by nostalgia. This game just simply feels good. It doesn't overbear you with complex micromanaging, and overly difficult battles. It's a game where you can kind of relax at times while you enjoy it's wonderful music. It is a confortable, welcoming, but still totally top-notch RPG experience.
Like I JUST mentioned, the music is timeless. Listen to some of the fantastic soundtrack, if you want to hear some really unique Videogame music.
The only less-impressive thing I can note about the game is it's graphics. While not techincally stunning like a few other games at the time, the game's graphics were still substantially better than most games on the PS1 in 1997. I am also a really big fan of the way the characters look in the game. They are just these shrunken, but extremely cute versions of the characters, kinda like Final Fantasy VII.  
So yeah. It's one of those classic PlayStation RPG's that, for me, is absolutely unforgettable. I played it many, many years ago, and when I finally purchased it on PSN, I was glorified that I had finally found a game in which I liked when I was a kid, that was actually of good quality :)
And, you REALLY get your money's worth. It is a very long game. It will keep you occupied for about 40-50 hours with it's anime-style graphics, spectacular music, and gripping story. The length good Role-Playing Games should be.   
If you want to experience just a classic, cute, and enjoyable JRPG, you'd be doing yourself no wrong by purchasing it via PSN for $5.99. I can reccomnd it to almost anyone with an interest in role-playing games.

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