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The Real William Wallace

William Wallace was the second of three sons of Sir Malcolm Wallace. William was born in January 1272 in Elderslie, Scotland. Sir Malcolm even though he had the rank of knight had very little power politically and nobility wise in Scotland, he owned a little bit of land and resided there peacefully. William Wallace grew up in a very rich Scotland; it was studded with hundreds of Castles, baronial, and knightly.

William Wallace

William Wallace was a pretty big man his height was 6 foot 7 inches and he was a giant of a man, although it is said that it was impossible for a man of that stature to exist when the average height was just over 5 feet. Williams size is one of the reasons that he would become the hero to Scotland he is today as he the second born of an obscure knight in times when title meant everything.

William Wallace was not only a physical beast but was also very smart. It is not known to where he got his teaching.

It was in 1286 that William got his first taste of battle most likely when his father was called to arms in the revolt known as the revolt of the Turnberry Band

It was Williams uncle who instilled William who at the age of 16 now the moral maxims compactly in Latin and referred to the great classic authors. William love of liberty can be credited to his uncle-priest who inculcated the very values and essence of freedom and liberty with in his mind. This was a precept which remained firmly implanted in William's mind till the end of his days.

When William was 17 he was reunited with his family and in that same year to return order to the Gaurdians of Scotland, who had been under attack by John Balliol, everyone needed to pay homage to Longshanks, the king of England, the responsibility to make this law, fell on Williams’s grandfather from his mothers’ side. Anyone who didn’t pay homage to Longshanks faced severe penalties. When Williams grandfather learned that Sir Malcolm Wallace didn’t pay homage he went and took Malcolms sons and daughters under his care.

William Wallace in Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms

William Wallace and a bunch of scots charging in Medieval II: Total War

William Wallace appears in newly released game by Sega called Medieval II: Total War as a character in their expansion pack called Kingdoms. He takes the part of a Scottish Noble if Scotland is to ever have trouble fighting the Norwegians or English. Wallace should be the first Heroic Character to spawn on the game map and will lead with him a huge army for the Scottish. While he isn’t a great commander by any standards the others in the game he brings with him the fact of a huge army that is unrivaled by anyone else at that point in the game. William Wallace is a force that you should be expecting if you are playing as another faction (English, Irish, Wales, and Norway) and is a help to the Scottish if you’re in trouble.

William Wallace in Age of Empires II

In Age of Empires II William Wallace serves a complety different role than in Medieval II: Total War. Williams role in Age of Empires is to let the player to learn the basics in the new game. The player takes part in seven different challenges ranging from getting a certain amount of food to destoring a English Castle. Each of the challenges get harder entill the last one when for the first time in the entire campaign you get to use Wallace yourself. Between each challenge there is a story that is narrarated and has pictures to go along wach of them giving you the idea of a great warrior to come named Wallace. On the last challenge Wallace appears to help you defeat the English and let Scotland be free from the tyrant Edward Longshanks the King of England.

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