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A brilliant game which takes the series to a whole new level

Wipeout HD has to be the best in the series so far, taking the most well known teams, the best tracks from wipeout pure and pulse (psp only) and combining them with a fitting and equally awsome soundtrack which just ads so much to the game.

GAMEPLAY: Before you play this game a word of warning, if you are new to the series the learning curve on this is steep. Even on the slowest mode you will be going faster than most other racers. Though once you get used to the ccomtrols it will still be challenging, but immense fun. The floaty controls work perfectly with the floating vehicles and really tests your skill. There is not a lot to remember, X to go forwards, R2 and L2 for the air breaks, square to use weapons and circle to regain health (if you dont want to use your weapon).

Generally when you first try a track or vehicle you will lose, this game is so fast at higher levels its really all about reflexes, but more importantly your knowledge of thew track, there are only 8 tracks, but thats enough when you must consoder that you must learn each induvidually .Though if you are not good at wipeout games dont worry, there is an option called autopilot which will steer you away from walls, personally i think it does too much but for the first few races it may be a good idea to get used to turning.

GRAPHICS: This game really does look brilliant, now were not talking Killzone 2 or anything but it does look good. The art style is like nothing in any other game and the details and textures are very good. Traffic up high with dash across and the walls have screens that move to the music which gives this game a unique vibe, plus it palays at native 1080p so finally anyone with a full HD tv are able to see what HD gaming is all about. Plus the game also runs at 60fps, always, there is never a dip in the framerate at all, which is great as it means even at high speeds you have no problems seeing whats ahead and it helps to keep the game feeling fluid.

CONTENT: In the UK this game is £11.99. Now I think this is a steal, you are getting a game that really could be sold on blu ray at normal price. the wuality of the game is excellent. Although you only get 8 tracks Im sure that there will be expansions in the near future. Plus with an online component this game really is a steal. Whilst the tracks may be familiar to the fans, its still worth the price to see it on the big screen

This really is one of the games to get for the ps3, it comes from a series that has a great reputation and after this game it still holds the title of making one of the most visually stunning racers out there with great controls all round. This is easily the best PSN only game you can get trumping GT5p and R&C QFB.

imo this should never have been a psn game, it really deserves to be on a blu ray disk in the top ten section but unfortunately its not. It would have been nice to see more new tracks but if there were this game would be much more expensice, despite this even if you dont like most racers (like me) this is definately worth the buy. If your the sort of person who always wishes the vehicle on the screen would go faster (again, like me) then get this game, it will deliver all the speed, and more, to the point where your reaction times are tested to, and beyond their limits.

If you do get this game, which you must, make sure you play though Zones first, see how far you get withoutblowing up :P

Posted by NinjaMunkey

Really sorry I forgot to include a score. I would have given it a 4.5 if I remembered :P

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