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World Court Tennis (Pro Tennis: World Court in Japan) is a graphically-enhanced version of Namco's Family Tennis for NES. As with that game, it's a basic tennis simulator that follows the action from a vertical perspective on the court. The player can assert some control over the direction of their shot by holding one of the directional buttons and can switch from a regular volley to overheads and lobs in order to outmaneuver their opponent.

It is notable for its inclusion of an RPG-inspired Quest Mode, along with single and doubles mode options, which begins with a user-generated player (customizable as far as name and gender) receiving a message from "a King of Tennis" to defeat another, eviller King of Tennis. This mode has some basic RPG elements, including buying better equipment and defeating bosses to advance the plot, but all the "battles" play out as regular tennis matches, ranging from a single game to a whole set. Winning random match encounters awards some cash, while losing them simply drops the player off at the starting town, which happens to be Chicago.

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