whos gonna reccomend a similar game?

#1 Posted by Kojak (11 posts) -

I've played jaggad alliance, (getting it on the DS too) but i need another fix...  tell me someone out there is making a new one....

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Silent Storm is the closest thing I can think of.

And what's this about JA on the DS?

#3 Posted by mordukai (7126 posts) -
@Kojak: I heard a rumor that Ken Levine and the guys at 2k Boston are working on a new X-Com game.  
#4 Posted by Pibo47 (3166 posts) -

UFO: Aftermath, UFO: AfterShock, and UFO: Afterlite
Get aftershock. Its the best. you can find them on amazon.

#5 Posted by Axersia (1613 posts) -

If you want another portable game get Rebelstar: Tactical Command for GBA. It's by the same guy who designed X-COM and is basically an "X-COM light".

#6 Posted by Dredlockz (341 posts) -

@atejas said:

Silent Storm is the closest thing I can think of


It's sequel (Hammer and sickle) was crazy hard, it got a shitty score because of how impossible to play it through that was. But Silent Storm was fantastic, probably the best "recent" game of the genre. I loved that you could "hear" people in the fog of war, so they would appear as a silhouette, but they may or may not be exactly there. You could use nades pretty effectively that way.

#7 Posted by NicksCorner (410 posts) -

Silent Storm was pretty awesome, though the balance got a bit skewed with lasers and mechs later on.

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