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Its how Wolverine should be made.

 X-Men Origins: Wolverine is loosely based on the movie with the same name. The game follows Logan Howlett many years before his life with the X-Men and his origins before we know him as Wolverine. Players are allowed to play Wolverine in locations as Africa and Alkali Lake while following the early years. Raven Software, who also developed Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, did an outstanding job in adapting Wolverine to this game in a somewhat natural feeling for what players would expect. Players will quickly see the natural feeling of X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a very violent and gory game, where Wolverine will slice off arms, legs, cut enemies in half, run enemies through with spikes on the walls and floor and often times run some attacks in slow motion. Those who have gotten in their leg taken off will roll around on the ground screaming for a few seconds before surcoming to the injury. As gory as this game will get, its exactly what someone should expect to see from a guy who runs around with razor sharp claws from his hands. Wolverine and along with his shirt he is wearing would also take realistic looking damage from bullets, knives, swords or other forums. His adamantium skeleton could be seen with enough damage and his wounds would heal up in real time.

Throughout the storyline of the game, players will encounter many enemies throughout the game. Many foes will spawn at various of difficulties and will spawn in many waves by extending the length of each battle. Logan is offered many ways of combating enemies with light attacks, heavy attacks, lunges, dodging, and blocking. Later in the game, as the player advances, they are able to unlock combos and powerful special attacks. The controls of these attacking enemies is very easy and simple making the game enjoyable experience playing Wolverine. Fighting a dozen enemies at a time can be thrilling as the enemies is neatly balance in difficulty to give the player challenge. Other wise doing lunge attacks and quick kills would make the game all to simple and easy, with no variety of having strategy in attacking foes. Enemies will have the ability to resist Wolverine's blades, lunge, and block melee attacks, allowing the player to use a variety of methods combat the danger. However, there are times when it seems that some AI have the advantage over the player. The AI have an easier time blocking or dodging Logan's combo moves, while its harder for the player to do the same.

Luckily X-Men Origins have a little bit more spice then fighting enemies the entire time. There are many easter eggs, from collecting dog tags for extra experience points, collection health boosts, and mutagen upgrades. Mutagens are extra bonuses for the player to customize Wolverine such as increasing health and damage with certain attacks. Players can unlock special opportunities hidden, throughout the game, to go into a Wolverine vs Wolverine match up to obtain costumes of the past and present to be worn at any time during play. Rooms and areas players go through, offer a puzzle experience in order to slow down the tempo of the game.

Wolverine is an enjoyable and fun game to play. Although, its disappointing when you find out the game is only five chapters with maybe at least 12-15 hours worth of gameplay. There is an opportunity for the players to unlock a more difficult level after completing the entire game in normal difficulty to increase the game's challenge and replayability.

Many movies in the past that were released with a video game that followed. These video games are sometimes poorly made and developed. X-Men Origins: Wolverine did not follow this trend as Raven Software took Wolverine into a whole new direction, by putting out a fun, thrilling and memoriable game. Wolverine being a popular character in the comic book world, was correctly developed to give Wolverine the enjoyable experience what people would expect.


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