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X-Men: The Official game was a movie tie-in game released in 2006. The game covers the events of X2 and X-men: The Last Stand. The game also fills in the gap between the two films, and explains why Nightcrawler is not present in The Last Stand.


Below are details on the three character's playable on home console only:


Wolverine’s segments aren’t very complex in terms of gameplay and design. The player controls Wolverine through a set of environments which are usually ground level. A horde of enemies are present - In which case the player must button-mash to work his/her way through. Most of Wolverines attacks are based on his claws. He can block and perform various slash based attacks. Wolverine also has two special abilities – One is the ability to recharge health, and the other is called ‘Fury’ which increases his speed and strength.


Wolverine mashing some foes.

Nightcrawler is probably the most interesting and enjoyable character to play as in the game. The majority of level design is based in the air and involves climbing and swinging from various objects. There aren’t many enemies present during Nightcrawler’s missions. This means the player must use stealth to work his/her way through. Nightcrawler’s ability to fight is superior to the other characters. He has many abilities which can help him in different situations. One of Nightcrawler’s specialities is to turn invisible. This gives players the chance to generate his health and stay out of trouble. Another unique ability is dash – This allows players to quickly move from object to object, and confuse enemies as to Nightcrawler’s whereabouts.


Iceman’s missions are high-speed and set in the air. Combat is usually based around fighting flying enemies. Iceman can use three different attacks to take down his foe – This first is ‘Ice Beam’ (which can also be used to extinguish fire), the second ‘Hail Storm’, and the third is ‘Frost Shield’ which cancels out any damage for a certain period of time. The player can perform a speed boast and 180° turn when controlling Iceman, but this often feels flawed and unnatural.

Playable Characters

There are a total of six playable characters in X-Men: The Official Game (only three of them present in home consoles).

All consoles:




Unique to handheld consoles:

Magneto (Nintendo DS)

Colossus (GBA)

Cyclops (Mobile)

Xbox 360 Installation

The amount of memory it takes to install this game is 6.4 GB.

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