How am I supposed to read "Xbone"?

Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2495 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: How am I supposed to read "Xbone"? (164 votes)

Ex-Bone 90%
X - B - 1 4%
See Results (I'm not sure either!) 5%

WIth "Xbone" rapidly rising to be the most used abbreviation for the Xbox One, I left unsure how to read it.

Not that english is my second language or anything, but in this case it's pretty ambiguous to me. I've been reading it as "Ex-bone" - which sounds goofy, and I've been assuming that the goofy-ness is intended.

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If people meant it as "XB1" they would just write that.

Frankly I think this name is too goofy to last more than a week or two, but we'll see.

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@zeik said:

If people meant it as "XB1" they would just write that.

Frankly I think this name is too goofy to last more than a week or two, but we'll see.

I'd assume so, too - but it makes me smile, so I'm getting attached to it...

I would say XB1 is probably going to stick in type if I were a betting man.

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I am dedicated to the XBONE cause. That name is to idiotic not to stick.

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X-Bone as in its boned.

It would have been left as a simple ans rarely used insult if the reveal didn't sour a lot of peoples opinion of Microsoft and the future of xbox.

But then....I am Scottish....we named a hurricane we had Hurricane Bawbag....which is Scottish for Ball in Scrotum....Testicles.

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But hopefully Jeff's Xone stays, I like that over Xbox One, Xbone, etc

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It's Ex-bone. That's the joke.

I do like XONE better though.

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Ex-bone, always.

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ex-bone. that's the joke.

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Someone in the chat got it right when I read what he typed.

Xbox One = XBO = Cross Bow

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First time I've seen it as Xbone! I like Xone.

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I perfer just X1, that is "ex one" or just call it xbox

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@vuud: My favourite so far has been MXO (Microsoft Xbox One - Em Ex Oh) - similar to how peple used to type GCN.

Of course, I appreciate the many advantages of jeff's XONE suggestion.

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Some people yelled at me once when I seemingly spelled Xfire wrong, so..

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Year of the bone.

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You're not.

It's X1.

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X-Bone. If someone doesn't want you to pronounce it that way, they need to spell it differently.

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#TeamXboneless or #TeamXbone

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i believe it was Xbox Xrd-Sign. the Xrd is pronounced "eckzurdo"

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XBone, because their boned! I'm sorry.

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You pronounce it C D I.

Though ex bone is fine, too, according to Websters.

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You should pronounce it Ex-bone, but always write it Xbone. No hyphens. Ever.

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Cross Bone. It's pronounced Cross Bone. I'm also now referring to Xbox as "CrossBox" because lol.

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*Fart Noise*

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X-Bun makes me think of "hot cross bun" where I'm pretty sure it is only due to a lack of breakfast.

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X B on E. Ex, be on E. E as in ecstasy. As in your girlfriend is a drug addict because you don't pay any attention to her and spend all night shouting racisms down a microphone. The console is judging you and thinks you're an inattentive bigot. The eye on that Kinnect would screw itself up in scowling disdain if it could. I challenge you to spit in that eye. Pluck it out if need be. God damn that judgemental box of bastards!

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I thought it was 'Zee-Bone'. Or in XONE's case, 'ZONE'.

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