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2 Xtreme

2 Xtreme was released in 1996 for the Sony Playstation, sponsored by ESPN and developed and released by Sony Computer Entertainment America. The game had four different locales (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Africa, and Japan) and four different extreme sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, inline skating, and BMX biking). Passing through gates can give you points or grant you power-ups to use in the race. The game received an average score of 7.2/10.

3 Xtreme

3 Xtreme was released in 1999 for the Sony Playstation, developed by 989 Studios (who were merged with SCEA after the games release) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America. This sequel was upgraded with polygonal models and environments, but still kept the same mechanics of racing and gate-passing. One new element is the grind rail, which will earn the player points if grinded upon. The old tracks were exchanged for newer tracks and new characters. Critical acclaim for 3 Xtreme was below average, with an average score of 4/10.

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