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Jack is Back! 0

I was a tried and true Jackophile in the mid to late 90s.  Many a weekend I would scrounge together a few friends (and, too often as to be kind of sad, played solo) to pop in a YDKJ game into the PC for a good time.  It was the polar opposite of quiet family Trivial Pursuit nights (unless someone got drunk and made fun of everyone when they got a question wrong).  Ah....summer nights.....  Oh yeah, the game.    You Don't Know Jack subscribes to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" adage, bringi...

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Partytime! Without All of that Annoying Waggle! 0

  You Don't Know Jack has been around for a long time, but has been absent in modern console generation until now. Jellyvision, famous for their hit-or-miss trivia cavalcade, has brought us seven hundred and thirty questions ripe for the answering.        Jack Attack!: Potent trivia knowledge required, or it'll ruin just about everything for you.  The gameplay here is standard fair for YDKJ fan, with Cookie Masterson returning as disembodied hostess with the mostest, and several returning triv...

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You Don't Know Jack Review 0

You don’t know jack, and neither do I – still, after all these years. That is of course, you’re the type who game the game until you remember all the answers to the questions. There is a hiccup with that idea though, there are 730 questions total in the game. Each episode has 10 questions and 73 episodes in total (excluding DLC that is now out). The humor-infused to the basic trivia game format is the bread and butter of this long-running, formerly PC-only series. The host this time is Cookie Ma...

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Do you know Jack? 0

Once you've played a quiz game, you've pretty much played them all. It's not easy to put a fresh twist on the question and answer format, which makes You Don't Know Jack evade the mundanity other quiz games frequently suffer from. Rather than indulging in bloated bonus rounds or thousands of questions, You Don't Know Jack puts all its chips on an extremely idiosyncratic sense of style and humor.  Do you know Jack? This begins with the surreal scene of an all-singing, all-dancing number intro...

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Trivia that doesn't suck. 0

You Don't Know Jack manages to take something as bland as trivia and make it engaging and funny as hell. It's great to see this beloved series return as strongly as it does.  For 30 bucks, YDKJ offers 73 "episodes" of 10 questions each. The questions are specific to each episode, so once you've completed an episode there's not much to be gained by playing that same episode again. Considering there is 73 of them, though, this isn't really an issue. A 400 microsoft point JACK Pack has been release...

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The main point of You Don’t Know Jack is to make you chuckle 0

  Rare are the men called Cookie; heck, even the women with that name have only been seen in fluorescent lighting whilst enjoying a career in ‘exotic’ dancing. But as the quizmaster in the trivia party game You Don’t Know Jack, Cookie Masterson is your go-to guy throughout the entirety of gameplay. Fusing pop culture with deeply intellectual knowledge, this game requires you to be a homo universalis and no, that’s not an insult. The main point of You Don’t Know Jack is to make you chuck...

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