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The player first meets Yuko after joining one of the three athletic teams in Gekkoukan High School. Whether the player decides to join either the Kendo Team, Swimming, or the Track Team, it will always be the same characters and mini-story. The Strength Arcana Social Link can be established with her, and one of the many girls the player can date throughout the game.


Hanging out with Yuko.
Besides Kazushi Miyamoto in the athletic team the player chooses to join, Yuko Nishiwaki will always be the athletic manager. Obviously, that is how Minato meets her for the first time. Minato starts to know her better as they spend more time together. She tells Minato she is not sure on what she should do with her life. She doesn't even know why she became the sports manager in the first place. It all changes when Yuko and Minato help out a group of fourth grade kids improve their running skills, so that they can use the playground that the sixth graders use. Since the sixth graders are older than them, they feel like they can push the younger kids around, and refused to give them the playground. Yuko agrees to help them improve their running so that they will have the abilities to beat the sixth graders in a race. After a little more encouragement, the fourth graders challenge the sixth graders, and beat them in a footrace.

Max Social Link

Yuko's Social Link, Strength Arcana.
The kids thank Yuko for teaching them determination and encouraged them to get better. Realizing she enjoys helping people out, she finally knows what to do with her life and decides to study to become a successful athletic trainer. Since Yuko is one of the many girls the player can ask out, her Social Link will not level up, but can either reverse or become broken when the player is going out with another girl. When the player is successful in maxing out the Strength Social Link, the persona Siegfried can be fused in the Velvet Room

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