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Zakum was once a peaceful spirit that inhabited itself amongst the trees near the volcano in the El Nath woods. However, a mining town that had established itself nearby had discovered it, and their greed corrupted Zakum. As he became more an more corrupted, he became smarter, and learned to control the town's residents, forcing them to make a giant statue as a tribute to him. He then inhabited it, and single handidly destroyed the town and all who lived in it. It then retreated to the lava caves of El Nath. 
Recently, expeditions have began to take Zakum down. He is an absolute threat to all that live in the El Nath woods, and his fear grows. The only way to destroy him, however, is by gathering the best of the best Maplers, and leading one large assault on his lair. However, many more are unsuccessfull then successfull at taking him down, for he is a very powerful being that has tons of health and power. He has eight arms that all must be destroyed, and an additional 3 forms to be defeated. He can also summon his minions, Cuzco, Pucco, Pachu, Punco, and Opachu, as well as boogies to attack and distract Maplers.
If successful, the party will be awarded with a Zakum helmet, the second most powerful helmet in the game, giving an impressive 15 to all base stats of any Mapler level 50 or above that wears it. It also has a very high market price of approximately 50 - 70 million mesos.

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