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Zhou Yu was the supreme strategist for the Wu Kingdom, and was a major part of the incredible victory for the Wu army at the battle of Chi Bi.

During the early years of the Wu Kingdom, Zhou Yu was second in command under Sun Ce. He was also Sun Ce's best friend and helped in unifing the old Wu provinces. The two married the Qiao sisters, Zhou Yu taking Xiao Qiao as his wife. After Sun Ce's death, Zhou Yu continued his service under Sun Quan, and tried to live his best friend's dream in unifying the land under the Wu Kingdom.

His most glorious deed was his role in the Battle of Chi Bi, where along with the help of Shu strategist Zhuge Liang and Wu officer Huang Gai, he defeated Cao Cao's fleet, which was twice as big as a combined Wu and Shu fleet. His plan to set fire to the fleet worked perfectly, burning away at Cao Cao's forces, making Wei retreat.

In command of the battle at Nan Jun, Zhou Yu fakes an injury to fool Wei forces, but afterwards discovers his injury is very real. He becomes bedridden and passes away as Sun Shang Xiang is being married to Liu Bei.

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