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ow to describe Zuma to a person who's never heard of it before?

There's this stone frog and it spits coloured balls into chains of other balls on a track, and you have to make them all disappear before they go into this hole.

Yep.. I'm pretty sure they'd think you'd been hitting up the magic mushrooms all day long. But beneath this strange exterior is a puzzle game which can be every bit as addictive as the seminal Tetris.

In the same way that I can't describe why putting blocks together to form lines doesn't sound all that fun (Tetris), I'm not sure I can convey how satisfying Zuma becomes once you've mastered the simple act of matching up coloured balls before they complete their inevitable march toward a gaping hole at the end of a track.

If you can get over the fact that graphically it bears more than a passing resembelance to an Amiga game, then you'll fall head over heals in love with Zuma until you've completed the various achievements.

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