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Anonoymous Game Developers Interactive, or AGDI for short, is a non-profit company dedicated to bringing classic Sierra adventure games back to life. To date the company has released remakes of King's Quest 1-3 and Quest for Glory II.  

King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown  

AGDI's first release was an enhanced remake of King's Quest I, and was released in 2001 for free. The remake featured completely new hand-drawn SVGA graphics, mouse support, voice acting, and a more modern interface/HUD akin to "newer" Sierra Online titles. The game also features a "No dead ends" mode, which removes the punishing difficulty of the original game where you could get completely stuck because you missed an item -- forcing the player to restart the game from the very beginning. 
The King's Quest 1 remake has been shown a lot of love from the developers throughout the years with newer versions coming out on regular basis. The newest version (4.1) even supports Mac play. As of September 2010, the game has been downloaded over 494,000 times.

King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones  

The remake of King's Quest II was initially relased back in 2002. Aside from featuring updated graphics and the familiar Sierra point-and-click interface, there was also an added storyline, deeper plot, new puzzles and more fleshed-out characters.  The game could arguably be seen as more of a complete overhaul than a 1:1 remake, as it features a number of additions and content not found in the original game.

King's Quest III: Redux  

Curiously, AGDI opted to name their third King's Quest remake King's Quest III Redux, instead of going with the original subtitle To Heir is Human. The game was in development for a significantly long time and first saw the light of day in February 24, 2011. In typical AGDI fashion the remake features completely new graphics, new musical score, voice acting, and a bunch of other new refinements and additions. 

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire  

AGDI's version of Quest for Glory II is a completely reworked and revamped version of the 1990 Adventure-RPG game made by Sierra Entertainment. The game was originally released on the 24th August, 2008. This remake remains largely faithful to the original game (i.e. no plot changes, all the characters and locations are the same), but features some extra additions not found in the original game.

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