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Aliens vs. Predator is a brawler based on the two eponymous sci-fi movie licenses Alien and Predator, which was developed by Jorudan exclusively for the Super Nintendo. It is the first AvP video game adaptation and should not be confused with the 1994 Capcom Arcade brawler, the 1994 Atari Jaguar FPS or the 1999 PC FPS from Rebellion.

The player assumes the role of one of the game's Predators and fights waves of xenomorphs across the human colony world Vega 4. While there are human colonists still alive on the planet, the Predators are not interested in rescuing them. The Predators eventually fight the xenomorphs back to the ship they arrived on, and eventually land on the planet they originally came from where they defeat an Alien Queen at the heart of a hive.

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