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    A Halfling Thief from Baldur's Gate. She is known for her highly optimistic personality.

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    Alora can be found in the Hall of Wonders in Baldur's Gate, and when helped, she will offer to join your party. She brings with her an abundance of cheer and enthusiasm for just about everything your party does, and talks with a number of other party members. She particularly encourages Edwin to not be so grumpy, and specifically mourns his death, as he was just learning how to loosen up.

    Most of Alora's stats are rather low, but her dexterity is a whopping 19, and she starts with a 100% ability score in lockpicking and pickpocketing. Unfortunately, her trapfinding skill is rather low, and as she is never more than level 6 when recruited. She will also lag behind experience-wise in any party that has done much more than the bare minimum required to get into Baldur's Gate before meeting her.


    Alora is voiced by Amber Hood.


    • As a tongue in cheek reference to her personality, her rare selection sound has her saying 'I'm so sweet I've got rotting teeth and gums!'
    • Alora carries with her a lucky rabbit's foot.

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