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    Baseball Bat

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    A baseball bat is a smooth, wooden or metal club used in baseball to hit the ball, although many games use it as an accessible and effective blunt melee weapon.

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    Specific Uses of Baseball Bats in Video Game

    Team Fortress 2


    One of the most notable uses of baseball bats as a melee weapon in video games, bats act as the main melee weapon for the Scout.

    In the PC version of Team Fortress 2, the player can unlock several variants beyond the standard metal bat. These variants include the Sandman, a classic wooden bat, the Boston Basher, a bat with spikes on it, and the Wrap Assassin, a roll of wrapping paper wielded as a bat.

    Streets of Rage

    Baseball bats can be found when destroying phone booths, barrels, stacks of tires, and other miscellany scattered throughout each level. Occasionally an enemy will enter the screen holding a baseball bat. Attacking a bat-wielding enemy enough will make them drop the bat, allowing the player to pick it up.

    Super Smash Bros. Series

    In the Super Smash Bros. series, the Baseball bat is an item that can be found be picked up by any character to be used as a melee weapon. Two characters in the game, specifically Ness and Lucas, inherently have the bat as a weapon. There is also a mini-game in which the player is given a baseball bat, and must deal as much damage to a sandbag as possible with it in a limited amount of time.

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Baseball bats, a melee weapon not featured in the original Left 4 Dead, were first offered in Left 4 Dead 2 as pre-order exclusive item. If any player in a server had pre-ordered the game, the bat would be accessible from any safe room, and any player could use it.

    The bat behaves similarly to any other melee weapon, and deals damage on par with the cricket bat.

    Upon release of The Passing DLC campaign, baseball bats were changed to spawn randomly in any situation where melee weapons can spawn. Despite this change, the bat is still not required for the Club Dead achievement, in which the player kills a standard zombie with every melee weapon.

    Yakuza 0

    The Yakuza series prominently features batting cages, recreational baseball centers where the player can hit against a pitching machine. On top of this, Yakuza 0 features Goro Majima, a character whose fighting styles include the "slugger" style, in which he wields various weapons, but typically metal bats.


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