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    Shinobi of the Lin Kuei, he carried out many of their missions. However, when the Grand Master plans to convert the clan into cyborgs, Cyrax resists. Although Cyrax believes that the clan will no longer have honor, he knows that no one leaves the Lin Kuei.

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    Cyrax was originally a ninja of the Lin Kuei clan, but was later converted into a mechanical organism in order optimize his killing power. He was originally partnered with Sektor and Smoke to hunt down the rogue warrior Sub-Zero, who refused to be converted into a cybernetic warrior and thus was deemed a threat by the elders. During the events of Mortal Kombat 3, he failed to complete his mission and Sub-Zero managed to reprogram the mechanized ninja to hunt the Outworld emperor Shao Kahn. Cyrax tracked him, but was too late as he had already been defeated by the other warriors of Earthrealm; Cyrax was thus left without orders and wandered aimlessly until he wound up trapped in the sands of Jade's Desert. He was soon recovered by the Lin Kuei, who sent him back into battle under the observation of his fellow cyborg, Sektor.

    Cyrax using his signature move.
    Cyrax using his signature move.

    During the fourth Mortal Kombat tournament, Cyrax began to have flashbacks to his life as a full human being and after the defeat of the rogue Elder God Shinnok, he was found by Special Forces officers Jax and Sonya, who brought him to the headquarters of the Outworld Investigation Agency. As it turned out, they had the technology to unlock Cyrax's mind and allow him access to all the memories he'd had as a full human being. The procedure was a success and Cyrax regained the entirety of his humanity; he joined the OIA out of gratitude and became one of their best extra-dimensional scouts.

    While investigating Outworld after the formation of the Deadly Alliance, Cyrax was attacked by the twin demons Moloch and Drahmin and though Cyrax was able to defeat them both, he was ambushed shortly after by Reptile under the manipulation of Nitara and the transporter kept in his arm was damaged, trapping him in the hostile realm; after the vicious fight, Nitara approached him offering a way to return to Earthrealm. They journeyed to the underground lair of the Dragon King Onaga where Cyrax submerged himself in the molten lava to find the orb that would free Nitara's realm from Outworld. Having accomplished his mission, the vampire upheld her end of the bargain and opened a portal to Earthrealm for Cyrax to enter.


    Mortal Kombat 3


    Cyrax is defeated by Sub-Zero and reprogrammed to kill Shao Kahn. Having no soul, the Outworld Emperor cannot detect the Lin Kuei cyborg and is assassinated in a successful sneak attack. However, with no further orders being issued, Cyrax wanders until he finds himself mired in a vast desert.

    Mortal Kombat: Gold

    (canonical) Cyrax is found by Sonya and Jax, who take him to the headquarters of the Outworld Investigation Agency for further analysis. Cyrax decides that he wants to be as human as he can be and agrees to a very risky procedure that might potentially erase his entire mind. Jax and Sonya initiate the procedure and as Cyrax removes his helmet, it's revealed that he has a human face underneath. His humanity restored, Cyrax agrees to help the OIA in any way he can.

    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

    (canonical) Cyrax dove into the lava the flow, damaging him almost instantly but the cyborg endured the heat, finding the orb that Nitara had instructed him to locate and emerged with it. Returning the orb to her, she fulfilled her end of the bargain by opening a portal to Earthrealm that enveloped Cyrax and sent him home.

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

    Cyrax's circuitry was shattered by the power caused by the explosion of the elemental Blaze, and he was restored to a full human. Teaming with Sub-Zero, the two battled Sektor and Smoke, defeating them handily and disabling them and left them with the Lin Kuei until they could be made fully human again.

    Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Having seconds thoughts about the Lin Kuei, Cyrax leaves the clan and defeats Shao Kahn. For going AWOL, Cyrax is targeted by his former ally, Sektor. When all seems lost, Raiden and an army of Shaolin warriors comes to Cyrax's rescue and defeated the Lin Kuei army. Cyrax then moves his home to the Wu Shi Academy, where he will be more honorable than ever.

    Special Attacks

    • Bomb (Short)
    • Bomb (Medium)
    • Bomb (Long)
    • Buzzsaw
    • Energy Net
    • Teleport


    • Energy Net - After making a few adjustments via the control panel on his arm, Cyrax launches a powerful net that passes straight through his opponent, effectively dicing the victim into tiny pieces.
    • Buzzsaw - Cyrax extends a spinning blade from his right hand and slashes violently at his opponent, then kicks them in the chest scattering the torso, head and arms all over the room.


    Cyrax uses bomb to launch his opponent into the air upside down, then teleports up to meet them with a kick that breaks the opponent's back. Before coming down, Cyrax grapples his foe and delivers a piledriver breaking the victim's neck and jaw.


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