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    Onaga is a character from the world of Mortal Kombat. First appearing in Mortal Kombat: Deception, he is believed to be the 'true' ruler of Outworld. Also known as the Dragon King.

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    Alignment: Evil  
    Dragon-Man (Not specified)  
     Li Mei   


    Millennia ago, Onaga ruled Outworld with an iron fist. Desiring immortality, he had the last dragon egg preserved, believing the blood of a young dragon could grant him eternal life. The plan was stymied by his assassination at the hands of his chief advisor Shao Kahn, who seized the throne and became the new ruler of Outworld. Thousands of years went by and the name of Onaga was lost in the sea of time.  

    Before the events of Mortal Kombat, Onaga reached beyond the veil of death out to the warrior Shujinko, disguising himself as an ethereal representative of the Elder Gods named Damashi. He convinced Shujinko that he was the only one who could unite the lost pieces of the Kamidogu, an artifact of incredible power. Shujinko set out on his quest, believing he was serving the virtuous Elder Gods and Onaga set the other parts of his plan in motion. A sect of cultists still loyal to the Dragon King were commanded to capture the elemental Blaze and station him to guard the preserved egg during the events of Mortal Kombat II.  

    Onaga remained in hibernation, his plans slowly coming together, until the wicked sorcerer Shang Tsung and the necromancer Quan Chi formed their deadly alliance and resurrected Onaga's legendary, unbeatable legion in order to conquer Outworld and then the other realms. Raiden and Earth's Defenders rallied against the newly formed army and it's treacherous leaders, but their efforts were in vain; most of the Defenders were killed and Raiden was left to fight the deadly alliance on his own. While this was transpiring, Reptile was tricked by the vampire Nitara into entering Onaga's chamber as the dragon's egg was about to hatch. The egg sent its energy into Reptile, transforming his body into a powerful avatar for Dragon King, who took the opportunity to inhabit it using the power of the Kamigodu that Shujinko had been tricked into retrieving.  

    Quan Chi stood over his vanquished foe Raiden and betrayed ally Shang Tsung, ready to command Onaga's revived army, when the Dragon God made himself known in the chamber. Quan Chi revived Shang Tsung to help him combat the new foe, but their powers were insufficient; even Raiden regaining consciousness and lending his power to the fight wasn't enough to stop Onaga's advance. Raiden's last ditch effort was to self-destruct, releasing all of his godly powers and obliterating the army along with the two magic users. Onaga, however, withstood the attack and picked up the amulet that Quan Chi had acquired from Shinnok.  

    Nightwolf gettin' the job done. 
    Nightwolf gettin' the job done. 
    Shujinko realized he'd been duped into unleashing one of the most powerful evils the realms had even known and went dimension-hopping to recruit a force in opposition to the Dragon King before he could consolidate his power. Shujinko used his ability to absorb the powers of the warriors he'd encountered to turn himself into a fighter capable of destroying the Kamigodu and battling Onaga. The artifact destroyed, Shujinko won a hard-fought battle and tore Onaga's soul from Reptile's body, sending it to the Netherrealm where Nightwolf used his power as a sin-eater to bind him there.  

    His reign seemed to be at an end until Shinnok, also a prisoner of the Netherrealm, found him and offered him a chance to not only escape, but also sit on the throne of Outworld once again. Onaga didn't trust the fallen god, but had no other recourse if he wanted to escape his hellish prison. He joined with Shinnok, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung to battle Blaze, attempting to gain his incredible power for themselves.


    Mortal Kombat: Deception 

    Onaga has claimed all the weapons of Elder Gods and fused them into one gloriously powerful weapon. His weapon gave him the power to merge all realms into one and then all that was the singular realm into himself. He became everything, the sole being in existence.  

    Onaga Wins 
    Onaga Wins 

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon 

    Onaga absorbed the power of Blaze into himself, becoming a god. He focused his newly found power on the being who had betrayed him so long ago: Shao Kahn. Though the Outworlder was near death, Onaga didn't want his suffering to end so quickly and ordered Quan Chi and Shang Tsung to torture him in his own dungeon for the rest of eternity. 

    Fighting Style

    Onaga doesn't have a specific fighting style; however, his fighting style is named Dragon, and he does use many Dragon style fighting moves. He does not have a weapon style.  


    Special Moves

    • Dragon Breath - Onaga breathes fire. Basically what the name implies.
    • Dragon Throw - Onaga flies high into the air holding his opponent, then throws him onto the ground.
    • Inhale - Onaga inhales, causing the opponent to get sucked towards him.

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